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Interview with Euronymous, Beat Magazine, 1993

Lest we forget.

"It has always been a lot of cliches in metal, and not even the metal- society has taken it seriously. When it then comes someone who is serious about what they are doing, everyone is shocked. Black Metal is meant to be serious, not because other shall take us seriously, but because we are serious. It is talk about religion, and we praise the evil and we belive blindly in a godly creature just like a christian."

But isn't really the satanic thing to deny the logical?

"Yes, in a way, but the human is nothing compared to the great cosmos. Scientists can't disprove the excistense of religion. No matter how hard you try, you can't explain the universe. You can't leave out a religious belief."

BURZUM doesn't exactly sound brutal, but creates the sound of fog and depression, the evil groundmood can be as well as important, explains EURONYMOUS. He is experimating with classical structures in his own band MAYHEM, but puts thundering speedy drums in the background.

ENSLAVED is another band that is experimating with classical elements. Their fifteen year old mainman - D. YMER - is really into GRIEG and CHOPIN.


Still feels refreshing to read these interviews after all these years. I wonder why.

Musicaly EMPEROR is different from the rest of the band because of their extremely shrieking vocals and with speedy changes from slow to ultrafast. The slow parts is a thing they share with the Oslo-band ARCTURUS, which have released an 7". They are something special, because their music is based on synth. Immortal is also a part of the family. Their debut - DIABOLICAL FULLMOON MYSTICISM - is out in these days on the french company Osmose. Their music is more primitive than the others.

I like the way he describes things. Actually I always considered ITNE as one of my favourite synth albums.

Good times, great oldies.