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Symphonic Extreme Metallers Riul Doamnei post new video

RIUL DOAMNEI is an Italian symphonic extreme metal band formed in 1999. Their name means “the Lady’s River” in Romanian, inspired by the eponymous river and the legend according to which Vlad the Impaler’s wife threw herself from the castle’s tower into the rapid waters below to escape Ottoman captivity.
The band started out playing symphonic black metal, however in time their style matured into extreme metal, taking on thrash and death influences along with an interesting array of ethnic elements. The melodic touch was preserved under majestic symphonic passages.
Their latest release, FATIMA (2011, AXiiS Music), is the closing chapter of a conceptual trilogy on Christianity and the Church started with "Le Serpent Rouge" (EP, 2006) and "APOCRYPHAL" (LP, 2007) revolving around the controversial issues that mark both themes.

You can watch here their new video for the second single "Greenglow Which Filters Through" extracted from  "FATIMA".


The video premiered on the band's social networks with the following message: "The white sidereal vacuum, the abominable evil, the absence of colour, the face of pure terror. Don't let it swallow you! Follow the Greenglow..."

More info: http://www.facebook.com/pages/RIUL-DOAMNEI/59023913710

Sounds like a bunch of Nancy boy bullshit to me.

I can't take a band who includes a coke party in their video seriously.

You'd be better off posting/promoting your band on other forums; I highly doubt most people here will like what you're doing.

I had a feeling that "Symphonic Extreme Metallers" translated into "Dimmu-Borgir worship". Some of the melodies aren't bad by themselves, but that streamlined groove-metal approach is just a terrible aesthetic. Reminds me of Dimmu Borgir meets later Vader meets later Septic Flesh, but never goes anywhere. The second video on the other hand is what I would describe as "Nancy boy bullshit" as well.

Every time I read the word "influences" in this context I can't help but think GIMMICK.

This is definitely not a band for this community. I think there's some promise for the mainstream audience though. Complete with the collision of sacred and decrepit imagery, sleek production and Dimmu Borgir worship this band has a "winning formula" circa 1998-2004 written all over it.

I had to listen to it at low volume, but from what I could derive from the music, I think that more focus on a particular idea for each song would be better, rather than the salad of styles coming into one. Also, I think a focus on the monastic imagery would yield to be more visually stunning than your typical holy sludge look that's been done over, and over, and over, and over...

I can't take a band who includes a coke party in their video seriously.

That is something I would of expeced from Satyricon actually.Overall it is top grade Nancy boy melodramatic metal symphony. Can`t really say anything bad, except these bands usually lack symphonies.

This is a terrible parody of black metal. I didn't crack a smile once.