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Detest Records is Closed

Detest Records is Closed
July 09, 2012, 06:58:32 AM
Dear Supporters,

            I would like to share an important decision I took with you. This is gonna sound
            unexpected to a lot of people around, but I decided to put Detest Records to an end.
            I will not explain you why I took this decision as this is something pretty personal,
            I will just tell you that I feel good about doing so and that this decision has not
            been taken because of a drama popping up in my life or whatever, so no need to worry!

            Detest Records was founded in August 2008 and the 4 years I spent working on this
            project have been very exciting. I got a lot of support from all around the world and
            I would like to thank you for that. Your support was my daily energy and will never be

            Furthermore, running Detest Records was for me a unique opportunity to get to know some
            very cool people, be they supporters, bands’ guys, label guys, zines editors, gigs
            promoters, artists or whatever and – most of all – was for me a fascinating way to support
            the music which has been running through my veins for 15 years.

            As far as the releases which were on my agenda for the upcoming months are concerned, most
            of them will be passed to other labels around. My last releases will be the DISMA demo 12”
            which will be released in September this year and

            I will also release ASCENDED Temple of dark offerings 12” (in cooperation with Iron Bonehead,
            no release date set yet) as well as KRYPTS, STENCH OF DECAY and SWALLOWED albums 12"
            in cooperation with Me Saco Un Ojo Records, not release dates set yet) but I will NOT take
            care of the distribution of those as my partners will since my distro will be closed
            when those are available.

            I guess you’ll agree that DISMA, ASCENDED, KRYPTS, SWALLOWED and STENCH OF DECAY are
            pretty cool bands to end up this adventure!

            The distro will remain open for some more months but I will basically stop stocking new
            items. When the closing approaches, I’ll do a large sales action to move my stock. All
            pending trades will of course be fulfilled.

            Thanks again for your support, it meant and still means a lot to me. I will not vanish at
            all so … talk to you soon!

            Jerry Detest