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Possibilities for spiritualism outside Platonism

The better goal is to live life, and as fully as one can.
One may, by default, be alive, but this is not the same as living.
Not to me, anyway.
If life seems to be a thing to endure, it is a sign of not living it.
Life, in fact, lives itself, given a chance.
The result is beyond imagining for those who can not do it.

Life does live itself. Shall we follow the mindless?

I suppose the question turns to purpose. Is this an illusion, and if so, it is useful?

Mindless when it serves.
The mind is very useful to the business of living, but has become our default tool for everything.
This, as we can see, results in madness.
With practice, the mind is demoted, and then life reasserts itself in all its glory.
It's very similar to drug dependency, and what happens when it is beaten.
Only very much better.