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Pain Divine - About Enjoying Sodomy?

Pain Divine - About Enjoying Sodomy?
August 04, 2012, 07:20:52 AM
All this gay talk has got me wondering about some of my favorite bands...

Morbid Angel's "Pain Divine" appears to be unmistakably about enjoying getting ravaged by a man. WTF?

Release this fury
Cursed existance
Writhing in this life of dissent
Pain for pleasure (i.e. enjoying sodomy)
Pain for adoration
Pain is to godliness
Bleeding for Ecstasy (i.e. sodomy probably causes you to bleed, but its worth it)
Pain Divine
Locked in vicious
Offer to the sado-gods
Nails driven through my dreams (i.e. "dreams" = anus, "nails" = penises)
Bleeding - Pain is a god's reward
Gliding through these dungeons (i.e. obviously "gliding through these dungeons" means "sex with a lubed anus")
Heightened senses overwhelmed
Hedonistic rupture (the last two lines... obviously about orgasm)
Endurance makes one divine

Re: Pain Divine - About Enjoying Sodomy?
August 04, 2012, 07:44:47 AM
Never occurred to me. In my innocent mind I guessed it was about doing a hard day of work or something.

Glad that I hardly listen to this album anymore.

Re: Pain Divine - About Enjoying Sodomy?
August 06, 2012, 07:11:02 AM
Wow this is pretty gay.

And I thought Priest's Touch of Evil was gay.

I always play goalie
Till my one eye cries
Lubing me wholly
Your gravy served just right
Without warning I tear
You're dressed as a bear
I taste my fear:
I'm so gay

In the night
Come in me
You know I want a touch of anal
In the night
Sodomize me
I can't resist a touch of anal

Aroused with desire
You put it in my ass
Not getting tired
From taking your lance
A dark man descends
Prying deeper within (me)
I'm dressed as a maid
But I still feed on the shame


Arousing me now till my cannon spits fire
Pounding my hole till my body gets wired
A dark man again
Pressing deeper within
Come suck me off
I'm so gay
But I still feel no shame
You're obsessing me