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Alien Invasion: Already here?

Alien Invasion: Already here?
August 14, 2012, 07:52:49 AM
I think ufo people may be one of the most deluded groups, but if you think about it, considering an alien race with millions of years of guided evolution, what would they be able to accomplish? Be invisible? Mind control? Induce illusions?

Here is video by physicist Michio Kaku talking about this possibility:


alien civilizations


ufo parallell universe


It could be that the ufo mania and most encounters are a fake project to instill the belief in aliens supported by the government as distraction of the population. But anyway the possibilities are worth considering.

This guy is really intelligent. It seems the asian race is the master race, not the white one.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
August 14, 2012, 09:57:05 AM
We are the aliens.

When a giant nuclear volcanic blast released our ancient souls they came to this planet to cause us relationship and money problems. It is only through donating to my church that you may be free.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
August 14, 2012, 12:18:44 PM
This is all part of the intercosmic Jewish conspiracy. As shape shifters, you have to cut them, if their blood melts steel, you know you are dealing with a Hacidic Jew. It is the only way. We can put a stop to the Zionist schemes and restore harmony to the galaxy by exhuming and reanimating the corpse of Hitler. Only Hitler and Varg can save us from Jewry.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
August 14, 2012, 12:27:40 PM

This guy is really intelligent. It seems the asian race is the master race, not the white one.

Of course he is, but by "Asian race" do you mean the Japanese?


Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
August 14, 2012, 07:36:40 PM
It's harder for me to fathom the extent to which UFO people are deluded than the notion that there could be intelligent non-human life in the universe and on Earth; that both concepts are quite true is amusing.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
August 16, 2012, 07:59:28 AM
Quotes of interest

David Icke:

(interviewers: You don't need to be paranoid to see that our world works with desinformations and manipulations. David give us also some pertinent answers about our true origins and the origins of our perceptual universe It is a nice journey through the life of quantum particles.

You don't have to agree with the Matrix theory of David who elaborate his model on the basis of a shamanic experience with the Ayahuasca, a so called sacred mixture from the Amazonian basin. Icke don't belong to the scientific and intellectual Gotha , needless to say. You also don't have to swallow the idea that some V.I.P are in fact shadowed or possessed by a reptilian entity. And in fact, why not? . But we think that those facts don't be detrimental to the quality of his intuitions. We don't have to forget that many theories that turned out to be correct started sometimes with dazzling and apparently irrational intuitions. Those who knows well the little world of conspiracy theories must admit that the Matrix model of David Icke give sense and meanings in an inescapably chaotic world. If you don't understand French (to read the article from Karmapolis about it), read "Tales from the Time Loop" from David Icke (Bridge of Love Edition) and also some articles about the work of Pribram and Bohm. And as Gerry Zeitlin says, don't think that our universe is in fact literally an hologram. The holographic model is just a metaphor to show us how it works. Then, read also the interview of Gerry. His views are quite different even if he agrees to some points to Icke's theory.)

"We think we live in a "world". In fact we live in a frequency range. That's all it is. We are trapped in a frequency range and therefore trapped in an illusion. This is what the well-known movie calls the Matrix.

 The "world" we see around us is merely the tiny fraction of multi-dimensional infinity that our physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste can access. The physical world we perceive is like a radio station and our physical senses are tuned to its frequency. So that is all we see. But all around us are the other frequencies or densities of infinite creation -the ones that "science" has denied exist.


They are all around us on frequencies beyond the range of our physical senses. These are the frequencies that can be seen and heard by animals, like cats, when they react to apparently "empty" space, and dogs when they hear sounds far higher than we can. Newborn babies also react to "empty" space until their senses are imprisoned by conditioning. These are the frequencies accessed by true psychics -the oracles of the ancient world -who can raise their vibration to tune into these unseen realms.


The Italian physicist Giuliana Conforto in her brilliant book LUH, Man's Cosmic Game (Edizioni Noesis, 1998) puts it like this:

"...a good 90% of total calculated mass is in fact dark and unobservable, while only 10% is observable by means of the infinite rainbow, which is light. The visible universe we do observe, with its billions of stars and galaxies, is in turn only a narrow perspective of this already scanty 10%. ...Inside every physical body there is an invisible, but far more massive reality (90%), a non-observable substance, that can be felt and experienced as emotions, intuitions, and feelings."'

It is within the realms of this unseen "dark matter" that other-dimensional entities like the reptilians operate. Giuliana Conforto also points out that in some galaxies, this dark matter, unseen by the human eye, is 100 times the mass we can observe. We can see from our frequency range just 7% of what exists in such galaxies! 2


When we open our minds and expand our own frequency range of perception, so we will "discover" more planets and stars. The atom is said to be the foundation of physical matter and yet all but a fraction of the space within an atom is, to the human eye, "empty". A "physical atom" from which all physical forms are made, consists of a nucleus with electrons orbiting around it like a mini solar system.


Dr Douglas Baker said in his book, The Opening Of The Third Eye (Aquarian Press, Wellingborough, England, 1977):

"If we expanded the hydrogen atom to the size of a cathedral, its electron would perhaps be the size of a nickel!"3

The overwhelming majority of the "space" within an atom is "dark matter" operating on frequencies we can't see and it is the same with our solar system and the entire dense physical universe. If only "science" were led by Giuliana Conforto's way of thinking, instead of the concrete minds of academia, we would already live in a world of infinitely greater awareness of who we are and the nature of life.


But look at her figures there and apply them to the "scientific" denials of intelligent life beyond this planet. We are asked to believe that life as we know it has only evolved on this one physical planet among the billions of planets and stars in this visible universe, which is, itself, only a fraction of visible "light", which is in turn only 10% of total mass? What a joke. God save us from official "science". And, of course, all this is only by current calculations.


That fraction of 10% of total mass that we can see might turn out to be an extremely optimistic view. "

"Karma One: Beside the fact that the Matrix (and the human Mind) is his own source ("self ware" matrix as you said), what is the real source of the Matrix. Who or what create it and in which true purpose beside the fact to entrap us? Somebody or something must have the idea to create it? Who or what is this creator?

David Icke : I would say it is our own collective subconscious that has taken on a life and mind of its own. An ancient Hindu myth says that human consciousness had begun as a ripple that decided to leave the ocean of consciousness – the ‘timeless, spaceless and eternal'. When it awakened to itself in this ‘disconnected' state, the myth said, it forgot that it was part of the infinite ocean and felt isolated and separated. This is pretty much what I am saying in my own way. In this disconnected state - like little lost children - we have collectively created the Matrix and become controlled and deluded by our own creation. I explain all this in detail in my new book, Infinite Love Is The Only Truth -- Everything Else Is Illusion.

Karma One: You say that the Matrix is a kind of self sentient, conscient being, a kind of entity that is the source of our consensual reality. What is the true nature of this entity?

David Icke : It is consciousness that has lost its way also.  You could think of it as like a 'Frankenstein' consciousness that has taken over its creator. We are its prisoners while we remain in ignorance of our plight and believe that this 'world' is 'real'. It is not. It is a projected holographic illusion very much along the lines portrayed in the first Matrix movie.

Karma One : Do we really belong to the matrix or to something else? What are our true origins?

David Icke : Everything is infinite consciousness. At that level of awareness there is no 'we', only one infinite 'I'. But in this reality we have been caught in the illusion of separation. We think in terms of parts, not the whole. This duality and polarity is the ultimate version of divide and rule. The Matrix (this illusory ‘world') is what I call the holographic Internet. Our brains/DNA are like a computer terminal linked to the World Wide Web. When you log on a computer in China, America or France you are connecting with the same Internet - the same collective reality. What you make of it gives you your sense of individuality, but the basic collective reality is the same. For instance, we all see the same car or house, but differ on what we think of them. Our DNA/brain is like a computer, decoding frequency fields - thought fields - into what we perceive as a collective reality. The 'world' we think is around us only exists in our brain/DNA -  our biological computer. The Matrix works on the same principle as television which broadcasts programmes in wave form that the TV decodes into pictures. The only difference is that our DNA/brain decode wave forms into holographic - apparently 3D - pictures.


Karma One : What is the difference between the concept of Good, Goodness in the Matrix and Good and Goodness outside the matrix, in the Infinite, the One Universe?

David Icke : The Matrix is founded on duality and polarity – opposites, or apparent opposites. So we perceive goodness and badness, light and dark, positive and negative. In the realms of Oneness in awareness of itself everything is one. So there is no good or bad. Everything just is. There is no light or dark, only the unity of all. I call it ‘isness' and it has to be experienced to be fully understood.

Karma One : The basic assumption that suicide is bad come from religions and religion is a believing. A Believing is an illusion? So, if a life is unbearable for somebody, nobody can forbid him to kill himself for moral reasons?

David Icke : We are eternal consciousness and death is an illusion, as I have said. However, suicide is, by its very nature, overwhelmingly the result of someone who is in a deep state of depression, fear and anquish. To take your life in that state will simply take you into another realm of experience that reflects that emotional trauma. A living 'hell' in this 'world' becomes a living 'hell' in another. That is why it is definitely not to be recommended

Karma One : You seems to says that the Matrix became with the time some kind of independent entity, some kind of Frankenstein where the creator was overtake, outrun by his creature. You says that if we change, the Matrix will change. But Let's speculate: Even if we change our subconscious minds in a snap, don't you think that the Matrix will defend itself and impeach that?

David Icke : I would say the Matrix is a projection of our own minds, indeed each of us lives in our own Matrix because of the way we each interpret reality. The Matrix may have taken on a life of its own, but in the end it depends upon us, its source, for survival. Put simply, if enough computers reprogram the Internet the nature of the Internet must change or even cease to operate. It is the same with the Matrix.

Karma One : Is it possible to transmute the Matrix in a better thing? Or do you think that the Matrix will defend herself because the way "she" worked need to be predatory?

David Icke : When we change our collective perception the Matrix will change because it is the projection of our own subconscious. We are our own controllers! We change – it changes.


Gerry Zeitlin

Karma One: What do you think about the Holographic model of reality that emerge from the research of David Bohm (3D reality as hologram) and Pribram (memory, brain works like an hologram, the "memory" is note store in a precise zone of the brain but everywhere and nowhere) ?

Gerry Zeitlin: It is not a useful model. Bohm and Pribram noticed that certain aspects of nature – quantum systems and brain functions – shared some of the properties of holograms, a hot technology of their time.


No serious scientist should conclude that those systems are holograms, but these two otherwise serious scientists seemed more intent on popularizing themselves, so they did.

Karma One: Matter is an illusion, full of emptiness. Atoms and quantum particles shows us that "solid matter" don't really exist. It is just an illusion. What do you think of it?

Gerry Zeitlin: That's correct, but "solid matter" the way we think of it could not exist. Meanwhile, as long as the illusion continues to behave the way we expect it to, who can complain?

Karma One: Yes but many people complains about reality. They suffer from it and feels that something is wrong ?

Gerry Zeitlin: When I said "who can complain", all I meant was that the illusion is dependable so we can live our lives with it. For example, if it were like a dream, in which a thing is one thing one moment but another thing the next time you looked at it, this could be cause for a complaint in the way I meant it. You couldn't get along if you tried to hammer a nail and found you had a noodle in your hand and the nail had become a gateway to the stars.

 And YET... we DO suffer by taking the illusion so seriously. It would be better if we knew that the hammer is not a hammer and the nail is not a nail and all the things of which we are so certain are not at all certain. But, knowing that, we continue to "chop wood, carry water".

 I object to calling reality a hologram, though, because a hologram is a piece of 20th century technology. In other words, it falls short.

 I notice that Icke says it's really an Internet. You see, that's just the NEXT THING. What will it be in ten years? I fail to see the benefit of treating everything this way.

Karma One: Do you believe that the reality is the result of a consensus between minds, between conscious of each individual. Like Jung says, the result of the collective unconscious?

Gerry Zeitlin: There is no way to know if the consensus is the cause or the result of reality's behaving the same way for everyone, or if the "collective unconsciousness" is real.

Karma One: Do you think that we are trapped in our own believe, our own perception of reality? Some people like Michael Talbot and David Icke think that the reality is a kind of perceptual Matrix, just an illusion in 3D (plus Time dimension). If we change together in the same time the way we decided to feel the world, the reality and the nature of this Matrix will change?

Gerry Zeitlin: I agree that it is a virtual reality display, but it is mediated by our neurosensory system, and therefore cannot easily be changed unless that system itself is changed. Do we have the ability to change our neurosensory systems? I would bet that we do to some varying degree.


For example, the infant's developing neurosensory system changes in response to genetic directives, the environment, and perhaps the inborn consciousness. But for most of us as adults, that system is pretty difficult to change.

Karma One: Do you think that we can say that the "Authority", or what we call the future One World Government and the religion etc. want to reinforce the power of this Matrix by telling us what to believe and to disbelieve, what to like or dislike ?

Gerry Zeitlin: Yes, via elaborate systems that are in place and functioning.

Karma One: Can we compare this Matrix to the Gnostic perception of the World. The man fall in a imperfect universe, an error created by a mistaken Eon and guarded by the Rulers or the Archons?

Gerry Zeitlin: The mistaken Aeon and the Archon rulers or guards occur in many systems of thought, and so there is likely to be a kernel of truth in this story.


It is only too perfectly clear that humans inhabit an "imperfect universe", when seen from the level on which we usually operate. However I believe that seen from a "higher" level there is a purpose to all this and the system actually is "perfect".


Karma One: Do you see the film "The Matrix"? In this film, we are in fact battery, just energy to make the Matrix work. Our fear of being disconnected from the Matrix or abnormal is the best cohesion tool used by the "Agent" of the Matrix to trap us. What do you think about this metaphor?

Gerry Zeitlin: I think it is a very good metaphor. However I sense that the agents don't realize they are themselves being used by a higher system.

"Each of us has an "essence nature" (I have just now coined this term for this interview) with a fragment of consciousness that has been extended, distracted, and to varying degrees "trapped" by the physical world and its games. The "essence nature" includes its being, its knowledge, its powers, etc. It is really quite an incredible being from our everyday perspective.


For reasons that are mysterious at this point, the "essence nature" provides a varying amount of itself, its knowledge, and its powers for the use of its incarnated consciousness fragment. I believe it remains for the consciousness fragment - what we call a person - to grasp what has been made available to it at any particular time, or not. And before it can be grasped, usually there needs to be a reminder of some kind that will cause the person to take notice.

For some people, a major life-changing event may be required to cause them to take notice of what has been offered to them. For others, it may be a dissatisfaction with the world as presented, which causes them to actively search. For others, there may be a piece of news or some other information that is out of synch with the conventional view, but is simply recognized as noteworthy. A parallel to this would be an event in a dream that reminds one that there is waking world that contrasts greatly with the dreamed world."

What do you think about the Reptilian thesis defended by people like David Icke, Branton, etc. who believed that all our civilization, our world and our religions are manipulated by a race of ET called the reptilian (identified as the Anunnaki) and that all the demonic activities recorded in the history of religions are in fact those Reptilian-short Greys aliens? Do you agree with Jacques Vallee or even Nigel Kerner when he sees the E.T as non physical entities, some kind of "Godhead" trapped in a devolutional process? Or with the thesis that those entities come from earth, inner earth (hollow earth theory, underground civilization, bases and tunnel)?

There are many questions within this question!

People like David Icke come from an ordinary style of consciousness to paint a very spooky picture. On my own pages both in Open SETI and The End of Enchantment I try to handle this in my own way. Yes, we have a serious problem.

Regardless of physical heritage, of which I am not certain, I do think we have been under the direct influence of "controllers". Countering this is our own higher aspect, which is supreme, but which leaves our incarnated part to deal and grow, or not, according to its own predilection and prowess. There is a game aspect to all of this. Yes to the concept of "Godhead" trapped. And yes to something very important going on beneath our feet. I can’t be too specific; I just do not have the information.


Nigel Kerner

Science now broadly views conventional religion as little more than a medieval sop to our comfort points and the conventional view of the spiritual God principle as an archaic stipend little more than wishful thinking that fortifies hope and moral and ethical platitudes towards social control of the masses. It is all of course understandable in the light of what the priests and lay administrators of religious invectives have done through the centuries. They have lied about, distorted and misinterpreted the entire spiritual God resource for millennia and in most cases this has been deliberate. They have made God into an anthropocentric principle little more than a glorified parent or Lord of the Manor, all with a view to enhancing their own authority, plaudits and ways of life.
 I myself was not inclined towards belief in a spiritual and extra-sensory dominion over the matter of fact resources of a material Universe until I looked at the veracity of the UFO phenomenon. In doing this I began to understand with logic and reason that the Shakespearean adage: “There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy” is in fact a reverent truth. I began to see that the founding teachers of the great faiths had indeed grasped that there is a world beyond force and thus the atom, a world that verifies truth as nothing else does. The whole context of it all became clear in such a way that it could be realistically defined.
Those who believe that a purely matter resourced universe and anything that comes from it could be of any lasting meaning and value when set against any scale are in the greatest peril of losing their own reference of themselves and replacing it with a non-living, material reference. You can only know anything when it is set against the something of the self. Without this reference you are in the nihilism of Wittgenstein and Nietzsche and thus in the nondescript lunacy of a machine mind. You are a Grey. More terrifying than this, you don’t and can’t know this for yourself.


The Nordic, blonde blue-eyed types often seen and perceived with the Greys are the same  deadly form that I believe made themselves known to the Nazis and were affirmed by Hitler himself to be the new kind of future man that the SS Nazi ideal would be based on.


Religions seem to form spontaneously wherever humankind salutes a need for them. The inherent insecurity that marks our day to day lives is all the signal it takes to make the most from the least. To make up a philosophy that will deny the effect of the SLOT (Second Law Of Thermodynamics) that takes our bodies apart each second we live. We are always seeking a way to find an assurance that will wipe away this insecurity. An insecurity that comes from this terrible power that rots us as we stand. We need to know that there is something that can counteract this. Something resistant to this inevitable process. Something that can change death into life. Loss into gain.
 The whole thing for me affirms that we human beings have some ancient memory coded in us of a reality, a time, a place or a situation where all things were together in a wondrous form and available instantly to us. The loss of this prompts us to keep hope of transformation alive. We will seek any sign that might do this and turn this sign into a philosophy or procedure or system of belief that will give us hope from despair. It has its most powerful form when something goes against what is commonly accepted. They will for instance make a Buddha out of the boy who was found recently meditating under a tree in North India, (for many weeks, some claim months)  without apparent interruption, for food, water or the expulsion of the natural waste products of his body. He will no doubt be made into an icon signalling some extreme expectation, because we all want things to be this goodly wondrous ideal.

 We are neither the products of a divine Creator nor even the projects of an intelligent designer. We are not the results of evolutionary processes. Instead we are the subjects of the process that I have called ‘devolution.’ We are now pale shadows of the glory we once were, we have devolved to a gross, physical restricted state from a lighter, more ephemeral state of far greater freedom and knowledge. Humanity as a species is now an amalgamation of a series of quantum devolutionary steps. In the distant past we were insubstantial beings unrestricted by the confines of a substantial physical body. We communicated directly via thought with no need for physical sensory apparatus to interact with each other or our environment. We then devolved from this insubstantial state of ‘light’ being to more and more substantial states, from ‘light being’ to ‘hydrogen being’ (a gaseous state) and then on to ‘water being’.  Our bodies are now primarily composed of water along with other heavier elements. I believe that many of these trace elements, especially the metallic ones, would not be in the human body were it not for alien genetic interception. They are metalizing us to bridge us into their formats.   
 Just as quantum physics points to a background to all existent states that is full of infinite possibilities, I point to that same state which I call the ‘Godverse’. This is a state of perfect potentiality, perfect freedom to achieve all options including the option to explore the possibility of imperfection. It is my argument that our existence in this physical universe is a result of our choice to explore this possibility. Most being that came into the physical universe from the Godverse immediately returned but some, including us became trapped, caught in the chaotic momentums of a physical universe subject to the momentum of the second law of thermodynamics, or entropy, into greater and greater states of randomness and disorder.
 I believe that all naturally living things are originally implicit products of this incidental and tacit creationism that happens automatically out of the dynamic between two primarily opposed existential polarities: Godhead and Force-head. This continual interaction produces universes like ours that become more and more material and atomically chaotic and disordered with time. In fact as we now know, it all happens to no meaningful point at all. It dismantles to an absolutely cold dead nothingness. A nothingness that is eventually congruent with Force-head. It must be said however that although this is the underlying momentum in a physical universe the opposite momentum for greater states of order and cohesion also exists. This is an expression of the implicit presence of the Godverse as an infinite state within all finite states, including the universe. Thus free will is the arbitrator between the two opposing momentums – the drive to union and the drive to chaos.
 The Greys and the other alien entities that have been witnessed do not have a natural track of descent from the Godverse. They are a secondary creation created for reasons which I explain at length in my books but involve too lengthy an explanation for this interview. They are looking for something which will allow them to survive in an entropic universe and not break down. It is my contention that they are looking for the one thing that we have and they do not – a line of connection to the eternality of the Godverse, in other words a soul. They can never of course get hold of this elusive factor as it is not physical but as they do not understand the non-physical they cannot understand this. Thus their entire agenda with humanity is a means to this end, a means by which they believe they will replace their temporary existence with an eternal existence.
 For this reason they are trying to bridge themselves into us. Introducing their programmes into us so that those programmes can exist in something that has a capacity for eternal survival. 
 I define a ‘soul’ as a line of connection to the Godverse. It is a line of connection that has become twisted and distorted somewhat the longer we remain in an entropic universe and devolve to its dictates but it is nevertheless a track to a state of perfect freedom and knowledge. The 95% of our DNA that does not code for proteins, the junk DNA previously referred to, is a reflection of our full potential that now lies untapped. What I am saying is that in the ancient past we used 100% of our DNA and now we can only access 5%. Scientists have not been able to understand why our genetic processes go to the trouble of replicating such huge amounts of useless DNA. The very fact that such DNA is replicated is a huge counter to an evolutionary interpretation of human history. Why would we have ‘evolved’ so much useless material? Is it not far more likely that so-called ‘junk DNA’ is actually a living fossil of our past reflecting the fact that as we devolve we slowly lose touch with our full potential?
 If this is true than we are out of touch and therefore out of control of 95% of our genetic prospectus. This 95% could well form an ongoing laboratory setting for alien interference as we cannot control it ourselves, our hand is not in 95% of the glove so to speak. So trinucleotide repeats, alus and many other artefacts of junk DNA may well be their handiwork.

The discovered information is all that matters. Not who makes it. But the information you uncover when you investigate the UFO phenomenon is so spectacularly compelling and so stunningly important to every single human being on the earth, you really have no choice but to try and set it before the entire human quantum, because that quantum’s entire scope for survival depends on everyone knowing all there is to know about the phenomenon.

Children are all that matter. All children everywhere. They are the most special of things. The points upon which all change pivots.

Let me say that chasing the answers to the UFO mystery and what they might mean to us all has been a transformative experience for me. I would never have believed all I have discovered if it was told me by someone else. It is for each individual to do personally.


Richard Sauder

Over the years people have often asked me to go further in my commentary on underground and underwater bases than I do in my books. They have asked me to tell what I really think is going on down there beneath our feet and beneath the sea.

 In a nutshell, I believe it's a real zoo. I think we're living in Alice's Wonderland and that the “real” reality of what is happening on this planet is so indescribably bizarre that the average person would have a trembling, convulsing, spastic, nervous breakdown, were they to be suddenly confronted face to face with the stark truth of it all. Institutional religion, national governments, mandatory mind control programs, er, make that mandatory “school” attendance, television (mind) “programing,” popular culture (driven by mega-corporations) – all of that and more, exist to keep 99.999% of the sheeple from seeing the truth squarely, without flinching, and it is quite effective; the ordinary person is a propagandized (f)(t)ool, easily manipulated and controlled, and living in an artificially contrived fantasy world. I might add that large chunks of this artificially contrived fantasy world are on the verge of imminently having an abrupt confrontation of the very rudest sort with reality as it “really” is, but that's another story, for a rapidly approaching time.

 What follows in the rest of this article is what I think. Take what I have written as seriously as you like. Or not. At the end of the day, what you think or don't think, or what I think or don't think, doesn't materially alter the objective, underlying facts of the matter. So here you go:

 So-called “aliens” or “Extraterrestrials” or “ultra-dimensions” or whatever you want to call them are here. From what I have seen, heard, read, and been told and shown, there are multiple levels of reality on this planet and some of those levels are absolutely occupied by “aliens” or “Extraterrestrials” or “ultra-dimensionals.” These multiple levels of reality are physical, spiritual and also social. The military-industrial-espionage complex in the USA and elsewhere has effectively produced one or more parallel human societies on this planet, by using the super-secretive, very stealthy, social technology of extreme compartmentalization of unknown hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of seemingly ordinary human individuals, along with their often highly unusual lives, travels and activities, all very carefully and minutely disguised, concealed and camouflaged against easy or casual detection.

 At their most secretive levels, certain dark factions of the so-called initiatic societies (Knights Templar, Masons, Knights of Malta, Opus Dei, Golden Dawn, Thule Society, and there are many, many others, including organizations whose names and activities remain unknown to the broader public) feed into and interlock with shadowy elements of this parallel social world. This highly secretive, parallel society that intermeshes almost unseen, and smoothly interfaces with the broader society, also serves as a means to seamlessly integrate certain aspects of various “alien” or “Extraterrestrial “or ultra-dimensional” groups' and individuals' activities into the wickedly evil agenda of the military-industrial-espionage complex and its unimaginably dark agenda of control, subjugation and exploitation of this entire planet and the human race for its own nefarious purposes. The foul nature of this agenda and its purpose is so indescribably hideous and ghastly that it staggers the imagination of any sane or empathic individual. The mentality behind this is satanic, psychopathic, pitiless, merciless and it tortures, kills, exploits and enslaves without compunction or remorse whatsoever.

 This system makes fully witting and voluntary use of many old and powerful families, indeed these families are an eager part and parcel of a full-fledged gangster assault on humanity and the planet. Families such as the Rockefellers, Carnegies, Mellons, Bushes, Fords, Rothschilds, Windsors (House of Hanover), Saudis, Schiffs, Loebs, Warburgs, Lehmans and others interface at very highly secretive levels, in multiple ways, with this hidden, parallel social order and with the “zoo” of “alien”, “Extraterrestrial” and “ultra-dimensional” beings who have flocked to the planet. Have a look at Stanley Kubrick's last film, Eyes Wide Shut, for a glimpse into some of the inner workings of this parallel world. Note that what he depicts is just the first level. It gets far worse than that, unimaginably worse.

 As I said, there are also multiple levels of physical reality, and the families, organizations, and various factions set forth above also interlock and interact with all of these various physical levels of reality. There are publicly unacknowledged physical realities in orbit, on and beneath the surface of the Moon and Mars, in the outer solar system, and right here on Earth, extending vertically down miles underground and undersea, and sprawling, as well, for miles laterally beneath the surface of the land and the seafloor. I go into much more detail about some of these things in my books, available from the links at the right hand sidebar, near the top of this blog. The technology is mind blowing, and at the end of the day, scientific and engineering breakthroughs have been discovered and held back from the masses of humanity, who have been deliberately dumbed down, made stupid and kept clueless, ignorant and in the dark, the better to be enslaved. The prominent families mentioned above have played a heavy role in the economic exploitation and enslavement of humanity, which is part and parcel of the activities of the military-industrial-espionage criminal syndicate and their ostensible “alien”, “Extraterrestrial”, “ultra-dimensional” allies or benefactors.

Time to shred the Veil into bits and pieces and get our first good, long overdue glimpses into what is behind the amnesiac curtain. No doubt it will be shocking and traumatic, because such an insult to the prevailing global paradigm that presently afflicts humanity, but sooner or later the pestilential boil that covers the nether parts of our commonweal will have to be lanced, or else we're done for. Better now than later, I reckon.

 It is my view that those who keep holding out hope for “alien” or “Extraterrestrial” disclosure by the mainstream power structure, and trumpeting that such disclosure is imminent, have either badly misread the nature of the game being played on this planet and in this solar system, or are either witting or unwitting dupes or lackeys of the mainstream power structure, or possibly all of that. The reality is that the spokespersons of the mainstream power structure are so craven and duplicitous as a species, and frankly so stupid that they could not find their own hind parts with a map, both hands and a flashlight. To imagine that these pathetic creatures could ever play any sort of meaningful, intelligent, not to say intelligible, role in a “disclosure” process beggars belief. If this is the case with the darkling underlings, how much more so with their satanic overlings.

 Let me state this real plainly: you will not get or hear the truth from psychopathic, corporate-government shills or their masters. The truth is not in them. Period. End of that discussion.

 Time travel technology does exist and it is stranger than 99.999% of humanity can or will believe, though it is highly unlikely that any of the so-called “time travelers” that have publicly come forth to date are the real deal. This technology is very tightly held and anyone who pops up saying that they work, or worked, on a super-duper-tip-top-secret-CIA-time-travel-program is blowing smoke. This activity is tightly, no, make that hermetically compartmentalized, but it does go on, and the USA is one of the most tightly controlled societies that have ever been devised in the entire history of this planet as a direct consequence, popular miscomprehension to the absolute contrary notwithstanding. And when I say it is hermetically sealed I don't mean to say merely that the security cordon around the program and technology is very tight, because the overarching acceptation that I have in mind is this:

 hermetic: of or derived from Hermes Trismegistus and his lore; magical; alchemic hard to understand; obscure; Origin: from use in alchemy
 (source: http://www.yourdictionary.com/hermetic )

 Which calls to mind:

 “In 1951, The U.S. Constitution, U.S. Declaration of Independence and U.S. Bill of Rights were hermetically sealed with helium gas in glass cases housed in the U.S. National Archives in Washington, DC. In 2003, they were moved to new glass cases hermetically sealed with argon.”
 (source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hermetic_seal )

 As I said, we are unfortunately deep into the weeds of Alice's Wonderland.

 There does appear to be a sort of amnesiac veil, or time bubble, for want of better words, that keeps this planet cycling through repeated rounds of self-destruction and species-wide ignorance, with the masses of humanity prevented from seeing or knowing the truth about their own, profound insulation from the wider flow of galactic events, and realities on other worlds, or even, and maybe especially, on this world itself.

 It would be a supposition of mine that many of the things taking place underground and undersea are so out of the ordinary as to partake of the realm of science fiction, and even there, of a brand of science fiction that so far exceeds what Hollywood has served up for popular consumption as to stagger the sensibilities of the masses, were they to be given a sudden clear view of what is occurring just beyond their collective ken.

 Of course, there are the more or less publicly known activities that take place: mining of minerals, ores and hydrocarbons, data and archival storage, administrative and warehousing facilities, nuclear and conventional weapons storage and deployment, energy research and production, cutting edge scientific and engineering research, military command, control and communication bases, presidential bunkers, emergency government centers, organized religions' various vaults and bunkers, military warehouses and storage centers, and the like.

 But what about other, even more secretive, esoteric and exotic facilities and programs? Here's just some of what seems to me is probably happening:

 1) alien​/E.T. bases
 2) joint alien-human bases
 3) cloning and genetic engineering facilities, including human cloning and genetic hybridization
 4) bio-weapons research and production facilities
 5) clandestine prisons or slave colonies where humans are farmed, used, abused, exploited
 6) narcotics warehouses for criminal syndicates and government agencies
 7) clandestine mines for uranium, gold, whatever
 8) mind boggling tunnel systems
 9) time or dimensional travel bases
 10) extra-planetary gates
 11) relict human populations of Atlantean civilization
 12) mining of archaeological and technological artifacts from previous high civilizations
 13) headquarters for the hidden “Organization” that really administers this planet

 And much more. Mind you, a very great deal of this will be modern, built within the last sixty years, or so. However, much else of it is of a hoary provenance, ancient beyond knowing, and, notwithstanding, yet in use. Whatever the U.S. Navy might have built beneath the Moonless Mountains, a mid-Pacific Ocean range of underwater sea mounts, I will leave to your imagination. The best I can do is to tell you that circa-1966 there was a U.S. Navy R&D team at China Lake, in California, laying the groundwork for manned, sub-sea bases, down beneath the seafloor in mid-ocean, capable of berthing large military submarines and their crews underwater, among other things, and the Moonless Mountains were one of the sites for a prospective U.S. Navy undersea base that popped up in my research.

 All of this will have been kept cleverly concealed and hidden from the public, without their knowing, as they mindlessly gyrate to the rhythmic noise broadcast by MTV, or to the so-called “music” of some know-nothing, care-even-less, hip-hopper of an ignoramus, or watch the National Football League on television, or recite ridiculous religious pabulum at Sunday School, or punch the time clock at whatever dead end slave job at whatever MacCorporation they may still labor for, or ….. fill in the blank however you like.

 But none of that really matters very much, because this entire planet and the human race in its totality is riding on the very cusp of being whipsawed and slammed like nobody's business. It will be such an utter and thorough thrashing, that over the next fifteen years, or so, it doesn't matter at all, not one tiny smidgeon, how much anyone believes me or doesn't believe me; the transformation in everything right across the board will be so entire in its completeness that any critics I may have will be either dead, devastated or stunned into abject silence and mute acquiescence to what people like me have to say.

 Come ye who will, the Turning of the Age is upon us.


I suspect the puppeteers and genetic engineers have been at work on this world for many thousands of years. The deep underground and undersea workings, and the hermetic mysteries and secrets that they conceal, have likely been here for millennia. The latest, contemporary round of subterranean and submarine construction is but the latest installment in a long-running drama.

"And that is precisely what the Machine wants to destroy: biological life, hyper-dimensional DNA, to conquer the material realm and close it off from all hyper-dimensional contact with higher dimensions.

 Look around at this planet and what is happening on it and you can see the death race to the bottom — with war sprouting up here and there, ecological destruction, totalitarian economic systems that are strangling the majority of the planet’s population and reducing them to slave status, oppressive political systems, rampant mind control, and more. The evidence for what ayahuasca showed me is evident on every hand."

"I recently did an hour interview with Jeff Rense (RenseRadio.com) where I talked extensively about my ayahuasca experiences and what I believe the import of what I have seen to be. I did not discuss my latest vision, but I discussed the import of my other visions, which revealed that the Earth and everything on it, including the human race, is under ruthless attack by a vastly powerful, cold, impersonal, relentless, artificially created, hyper-intelligent Machine entity that is so endlessly cunning and deceitful that Machiavelli is but a fumbling, bumbling amateur by comparison, This Machine will not stop coming. Its goal is total, full-spectrum domination and/or annihilation of this planet and its biosphere. That includes humanity. On every hand the planet, the ecology and the human race are under cruel assault.

 Hollywood has come out with some movies and television series in the past couple of decades that have captured part of this scenario; the Sci-Fi channel’s Battle Star Galactica TV series, the first MATRIX movie and the Terminator movies convey something of the sense of what I am relating.

 The Machine operates in both the physical realm and the astral realm simultaneously. I actually saw that in the astral there are something like milk parlors or milking sheds at a dairy farm, where people enter and sit in rows, and the Machine draws off their subtle life energies through the tops of their heads, with something like milking hoses attached to their crown chakras. There was a real opium den feel to what I saw. I saw a network of pipes and tubes that carries the people’s energy away, but where it goes and precisely what the machine does with it, I did not see.

 I did understand that the Machine knows humans inside and out, better than the vast majority of humans know themselves. It knows and understands humans, but the vast majority of humans do not know and understand the Machine. They are easy prey for the Machine and its ueber-Machiavellian machinations. It has to be said that many millions of people work for and are part of the Machine. They do its bidding and carry out its plan, either wittingly or unwittingly, willingly or unwillingly. And the Machine rewards them with status, power, money, fame, influence, career success, etc.

 This agenda is being carried out on every level and in every way conceivable — through nanotechnology, genetic engineering, chem-trail spraying, electronic mind control, mass media propaganda, weather modification, deforestation, killing of the seas and oceans (e.g., think British Petroleum in the Gulf of Mexico), radioactive contamination (think Chernobyl and Fukushima, Japan), and more.

 The Fortune 500 companies, the Pentagon, Wall Street, the Big Banks, the USA government and other major governments, espionage and spy agencies, criminal syndicates, the major religions, the formal “educational” system and other large institutions are all an integral part of this Machine and its deadly rampage.
 It uses technology and people as its appendages. It is infinitely resourceful and devious and it will not stop coming.

 The only way out of this situation for us is to go in."

Please understand that the events of these past two weeks are no unforeseen “accident” or purely “natural” catastrophe. Far from it. In fact, these particular reactors were a hideously dangerous, ticking time bomb ever since they were built, waiting to go off, and now they have, with ghastly consequences that will be with us for a long time to come. For decades, their design has been known to be unsafe. [http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/03/18/3167123.htm] [http://www.economywatch.com/in-the-news/fukushima-ge-made-reactors-safety-doubted-since-70s.16-03.htm]

 And these nuclear reactors were then built precisely on the coast, right along the seashore, in a very seismically active region, with a well-known history of earthquakes.

 Moreover, the Japanese nuclear power industry has a documented history of decades of accidents and faked safety reports. [http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-03-17/japan-s-nuclear-disaster-caps-decades-of-faked-safety-reports-accidents.html]

 A case in point is reactor number four, whose pressure vessel was reportedly damaged during the manufacturing process and has been defective for the last 37 years and still it was used. [http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/nn20110324n3.html]

 The operators of the site, Tokyo Electric Power Company, General Electric, and the Japanese government have all known of these dangers and have nevertheless willfully proceeded for decades straight down the path that brought Japan, the Japanese people and the rest of the world to this perilous juncture. So you see, none of this is the result of unknowable or unknown eventualities. Quite to the contrary, the dangers were known for decades and kept quiet or lied about as a course of conscious policy.

 In my view, we are seeing Black Magic of the darkest sort at work, and I mean that very seriously. We are seeing unimaginably deep Evil channeled into our realm by the very darkest and foulest of entities. Whether those entities are human, or non-human, or humans in the thrall of non-human forces, you can be sure that the Fukushima crisis is no ordinary event. The groundwork for all of this was laid decades ago, awaiting the present day.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 09, 2012, 08:50:25 PM
If aliens are here, they certainly are the size of viruses and they come in and out of the human body to manipulate it from the inside. 

About aliens, the E.T. movie has always freaked me out. What was the goal of the alien (E.T) down to earth? We never knew it. And E.T. once got sick and the little boy got sick at the same time. It like that awful creature bind his soul to the boy's one.

It wouldn't suprise me if we discover that Hollywood has link with aliens and the likes.


Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 09, 2012, 11:11:51 PM
The Machine operates in both the physical realm and the astral realm simultaneously. I actually saw that in the astral there are something like milk parlors or milking sheds at a dairy farm, where people enter and sit in rows, and the Machine draws off their subtle life energies through the tops of their heads, with something like milking hoses attached to their crown chakras.

We are indeed in a matrix of sorts. At birth we can't even independently sustain ourselves in this world, let alone if we emerged beyond the matrix. That's the beauty and the ugliness of free will, it requires incremental, graduated learning so that choice can be exercised. Practically all adults don't even have their intentions, desires, thoughts, attitudes and actions impeccably aligned together, i.e. they're walking contradictions. Imagine if the thick, slow buffer of our physical form were suddenly pulled back and we were thrust into a state of being in which our free will is far more powerful. As walking contradictions we'd be lucky not to cancel ourselves out (now you know why shrooms leaves most people fucked up or giggling like idiots).

There was a real opium den feel to what I saw. I saw a network of pipes and tubes that carries the people’s energy away, but where it goes and precisely what the machine does with it, I did not see.

Most people waste their energy like crazy. The universe, in its wonderfully organic ways, is not wasteful. But it may seem strange to the average person.

In my view, we are seeing Black Magic of the darkest sort at work, and I mean that very seriously. We are seeing unimaginably deep Evil channeled into our realm by the very darkest and foulest of entities.

Not quite. It's more like a symbiosis: they give us dense, thick egos for us to learn in, and they receive energy from our ignorance in return. When you start to blame them and ignore your own faults, and when you start to actually be able to make contact with them, ha, they'll weave you a web of lies like you can't imagine, hence all the bogus conspiracy theories. A refinement of logic can pierce this veil, but when you see how faith-based rather than logic-based the world is, well, you tend to see most people as puny anonymous balls of suffering that are so stupid they're not really worth a damn, and you just look out for yourself. ;)

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 10, 2012, 09:07:11 AM
The prevalence of "alien encounters" started in the '50s, when we'd moved away from angels, elves, and fairies, and needed some new creature to play the role in our exceedingly common sojourns into the "other side".  The phenomenalogical accounts of the encounters (that is, focusing on what occurs, and not on what the experiencer describes) are the same across all ages: people are taken from their homes, encounter entities of varying description (but usually long-faced, black-eyed beings), are "experimented" upon by having objects placed within what they perceive to be their bodies, have sexual intercourse with these entities, and so on (read Graham Hancock, he's not a [self-]scammer like Icke or those other morons).  You can have the same experiences with psilocybin mushrooms, at the right doses; we have the same experiences every night when we go to sleep, except we're usually unconscious by that point (for the protection of the ego).

The consciousness is not rooted to the body; it is more like a visitor.  These people who fear "alien takeover" are simply feeding their egos - they have never undertaken to properly understand themselves, and so, certainly, cannot understand the things which happen to them.  In truth, the entity which is truly "us", the somehow individualised consciousness, enters into what we might call "Death" on a fairly regular basis.  Detachment from the brain/ego occurrs during sleep; the release of DMT into the brain somehow allows the consciousness to break free of its earthly shackles and voyage into the infinite worlds beyond this one, where our experience is collected.  Many other things happen here, too, but I don't yet have knowledge of such things.  The "alien encounter" is nothing more than such an entry into Death; the only difference between this and sleep is that, as with psychedelics or deep meditation, the experiencer is "awake".  The problem is that the vast majority of people having such "encounters" are totally unready for what they are to be told, or may be so egoic as to reject what they might otherwise learn.

In short: there are no aliens, they're just non-physical extensions of your own consciousness (the universal consciousness).  Don't freak out at this stuff - it's here to teach you about yourself, and to enhance  you if possible.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 12, 2012, 09:24:35 PM
The prevalence of "alien encounters" started in the '50s, when we'd moved away from angels, elves, and fairies, and needed some new creature to play the role in our exceedingly common sojourns into the "other side". 
I'm not really into all that astral bullshit, but from a cultural standpoint, I think you're spot on here Cargest. Aliens have become the latest sublimation of our fear of the unkown.

the release of DMT into the brain.
Sorry, but this sounds like new age pseudoscience. Source?

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 12, 2012, 09:35:26 PM
The issue I have with psychedelic "revelations" is this: it can't be that easy? Just ingest this, and the mysteries of the universe unravel before you.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 13, 2012, 02:34:36 PM
The issue I have with psychedelic "revelations" is this: it can't be that easy? Just ingest this, and the mysteries of the universe unravel before you.

You underestimate the effects of DMT.

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 13, 2012, 04:46:53 PM
The issue I have with psychedelic "revelations" is this: it can't be that easy? Just ingest this, and the mysteries of the universe unravel before you.

You underestimate the effects of DMT.

Enlighten me. (That wasn't sarcasm)

Re: Alien Invasion: Already here?
October 13, 2012, 05:48:28 PM
Complete sublimation of personality and self. Coherent visions of gatherings, apocalypse, gateways. The sensation of a great intelligence/presence or great purpose. People describe it as anything from alien encounters to the Resurrection. A person is crippled while under the effects of the drug, which don't last long. Permanent personality changes have been reported, which is consistent with genuine depth of experience.

It's still a drug though, so probably still an illusion. It is fascinating how it manages these things though, unlocking the effects of this drug would be very valuable in the understanding of Neuroscience in my opinion.