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Perdition Temple- Edict of the Antichrist Elect

In an attempt to atone for exposing you all to the faggotry that is "Amorphis doing acoustic jazz covers of songs from their first album", I will tell you that you need to listen to this post-Angelcorpse project from Gene Palubicki.  Now.

"Edict of the Antichrist Elect" by Palubicki's new band, Perdition Temple, is supposedly material that was written to be the next Angelcorpse album that was never realized because of the band's second dissolution, and some aspects of the album are recognizably Angelcorpse, such as nearly constant speed, militaristic march-blasting percussion, and Morbid Angel inspired high-speed riffs, but there is a major difference in how songs are constructed.  Whereas Angelcorpse tended to bow to the heavy metal need for one or two ear-grabbing, catchy riffs to define a song, with other riffs acting as support between fist-pumping choruses and the song's "iconic" riffs, Edict of the Antichrist Elect takes a more pure death metal approach, with no "catchy" riffs or choruses and more intricate song structures, with frequent riff changes, sometimes gradual, and sometimes jarring; a favorite tactic of the band is to build up gradual riff changes before violently slamming back to an earlier riff.  Structuring songs with no clearly "iconic" passages results in the album requiring careful attention, and being confusing to listen to at first, but the overall effect ends up being more savage than even Angelcorpse's fiercest moments, since there's not an easily hummable moment always around the corner; rather, there is just more jarring angularity, both at a structural level and at a riff level.

Listen to this album.  Now.

(Obligatory youtube link of a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RcWI3XRtTw )

This is one of my favorite newer DM releases. Shit is absolutely savage.

In an attempt to atone for exposing you all to the faggotry that is "Amorphis doing acoustic jazz covers of songs from their first album"

I don't know if you can ever atone for that, and I don't even like Amorphis.

All kidding aside, I really liked the song you linked. Going to have to check this out. Reminds me of early Morbid Angel (singer sounds a lot like AOM-era Vincent) mixed with some NYDM styled riffs.

On the subject of Angelcorpse members, I'm pretty bummed that Kerasphorus broke up. They had real promise.