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CDs for sale 12$ / 4 for 36$

CDs for sale 12$ / 4 for 36$
August 31, 2012, 07:12:50 AM
Hello guys.

Here's the latest titles added to the Mankind's demise mailorder list.
You can see the whole list at : http://www.mankindsdemise.com/mailorder.php

Don't forget to order your Sorcier des Glaces - Snowland MMXII metalbox while it's still in stock. 20$.

Contact: mankindsdemise at gmail dot com

All the titles are 12$ + shipping, so welcome canadian fellows!

Aetherius Obscuritas - Ventus CD
Altars of Destruction - Gallery of pain CD
Azaghal - Codex Antitheus CD
Beneath the Massacre - Evidence of iniquity CD
Bethlehem - Dictius te necare CD
Blinded by Faith - Chernobyl survivor CD
Blinded by Faith - Weapons of mass distraction CD
Blinded by Faith - Under an occult sun CD
Blinded by Faith - Veiled hideousness CD
Borknagar - The olden domain CD
Catuvolcus - Gergovia CD
Coprolith - Cold grief relief CD
Crepuscule - Neant CD
Cryptopsy - Once was not CD
Cryptopsy - Ungentle exhumation CD
Daze of the Underground - A tribute to HAWKWIND 2CD
Decrepit Spectre - Coal black hearses CD
Depths of Hatred - Aversionist CD
Despised Icon / Ion Dissonance - Demos 2002-2004 CD
Fleshred - Bloodthorn CD
Forgotten Tomb - Negative megalomania CD
Fuck the facts - Collection of splits CD
Ghoulunatics - Cryogenie CD
Ghoulunatics - The beast of... CD
Gorguts - And then comes lividity / Demon anthology CD
Himinbjorg - Where ravens fly CD
Hiverna - Hiver, nostalgie & amertume CD
Horfixion - The art of agony CD
Judas Iscariot - Heaven in Flames CD
Judas Iscariot - To embrace the corpse bleeding CD
Krieg - The black house CD
Krisiun - Assassination CD
Krisiun - Southern storm CD
L'esprit du Clan - Chapitre III CD
Martyr - Feeding the abscess CD
Naglfar - Sheol CD
Necrophagia - Season of the dead CD
Neuraxis - Truth beyond CD
Nortt - Galgenfrist CD
Numen - Numen CD
Opera IX - Anphisbena CD
Otargos - Fuck god - disease process CD
Reanimator - Ignorance is no excuse CD
Reverence - Chamber of divine elaboration CD
Sael - Ocean CD
Samael - Passage CD
Skepticism - Stormcrowfleet CD
Skepticism - Lead and aether CD
Skepticism - Alloy CD
Sorcier des Glaces / Monarque - split CD
Sorcier des Glaces - Snowland MMXII METAL BOX (20$)
Svart Crown - Ages of decay CD
The Great Old Ones - Al Azif CD
The Last Felony - Aeon of suffering CD
Unbreakable Hatred - Total chaos CD
Unleashed - Sworn allegiance CD
Valknacht - Chants de guerre CD
Witchburner - Witchburner / Blasphemic assault CD
Witchery - Don't fear the reaper CD
Wyrd - Kammen CD
Xasthur - Suicide in dark serenity CD