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August 31, 2012, 12:15:41 PM
I'm relatively young and I don't plan on breeding for some time, however I know that I desire to have a wife and children when I am properly prepared for it. Both of my parents are incredibly toxic and simply should not have had children. Despite freeing myself from the chains of their parental incompetence at least in part, I fear being a parent because I intimately understand what a horrendous impact being ill-prepared has on your progeny. I simply do not know how I would react to certain attributes I find destructive should they arise in my hypothetical spawn. The goal of course should be prevention, but the reality is that they will live in an insane society and be influenced by it every single day, unless I homeschool them in a cabin in the woods, which I think is a horrible idea.

What makes a good father? If you plan on raising a family or are already in the process of doing so, what are the things you want to instill in your son or daughter? How would you handle the following situations should they arise in your children's lives?

  • Homosexuality
  • Drug abuse
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Adopting a value system contrary to your own
  • Dating an idiot
  • Dating outside of their race
  • Mental illness, or some physical deformity
  • Listening to Pink Frothy AIDS

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 12:50:51 PM
Homosexuality - accept if he's not obvious. Disown the lispers and dykes 

Drug abuse - forgive experimentation, disown the addict

Anti-social behavior - turn sociopaths over to the state. They're incurable.

Adopting a value system contrary to your own - it's rare for people to have different beliefs than their parents when they reach a certain age.

Dating an idiot - threaten to disown

Dating outside of their race - DISOWN

Mental illness, or some physical deformity - disown if they text/drink and crash. Otherwise, support them. Abort retarded embryos.

Listening to Pink Frothy AIDS - Tell them not in your house

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 01:48:26 PM
  • Homosexuality
  • Drug abuse
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Adopting a value system contrary to your own
  • Dating an idiot
  • Dating outside of their race
  • Mental illness, or some physical deformity
  • Listening to Pink Frothy AIDS

Homosexuality - as long as he/she was responsible with their behavior, and did not parade around like a peacock demanding attention, I would support him/her.

Drug Abuse - experimentation's fine, but once my son/daughter becomes an addict I'd kick them out of the house and only let them come back if they were able to break their habit

Anti Social behavior - not uncommon in American children. If my kid's a bit introverted and only has a few friends, that's fine. If I find that he/she is killing/torturing small animals, getting into fights at will, or exhibiting other extreme sociopathic behavior, I would have to intervene immediately. Unsure of exactly what I would do, perhaps request a lobotomy.

Adopting a value system contrary to my own - I'm sure most kids do this at some point. If my child grows into an adult with a contrary value system, I'd still care for them, but I probably wouldn't be spending a lot of time with them. Depends on how they conduct themselves, though.

Dating an idiot - well, I wouldn't let the idiot into my home, and let he/she learn the lesson the hard way. If they wind up marrying the idiot, I would probably become estranged from them both.

Dating outside of their race - Insignificant as far as I'm concerned. What I'm concerned with is that my offspring find a strong, reliable, morally sound partner that cares for them and helps them to become a better person. If that person happens to be the same race, cool. But if they happen to be Asian, African, or European, that shit doesn't matter to me. Are you a good person? Fine, marry my child.

Mental illness/physical deformity - physical deformity would be less of a problem, assuming that their mind would still be intact. I wouldn't mind carrying my offspring who's legs didn't work up some stairs, or reading things to them if they were blind. Mental illness is a different story; I would say it would depend on the degree of illness - as such I cannot answer with full certainty.

Listening to Pink Frothy AIDS - I would be incredibly disappointed, and would sneak Black Flag and Incantation CDs into the cases of Pink Frothy AIDS albums in the hopes that they come to their senses.

The best solution for your children is, when they are old enough to comprehend (say, teenage years), sit them down and talk to them. Show them what the world is like, in all of its beauty and its horror. The internet is a great resource available that you can use to look up facts and provide examples. Above all, I would encourage them to not be depressed; for even if the society we live in is shitty, that doesn't mean you have to be shitty. RISE ABOVE AND PERSEVERE.

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 02:08:15 PM
These answers SHOULD come natural to you, so no need to fear of being ill prepared . If you need to ask, your real problem is probably you are afraid you will pass on the moronicness of your own parents on to your child.

Some people crack under the pressures and become neurotic by bad experiences in life. Some are just insane.

Some are impaired by other misfortunes as disease or malnutrition.

If there are no GOOD explanation your parents were dweebs, you probaly are a dweeb yourself, who should not have children.

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Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 02:44:52 PM
Accept nothing, accept no deviation from your values. To tolerate is a different thing.

You will know you have raised your children well when they fear your disappointment most of all. Fear less, remember they are your blood and blood is thicker than the rancid gruel of modernity. If you are religious, raise them religious so they at least have a perspective that differs from the one that surrounds them. Discipline your children with love. Corporal punishment is more than a necessity, it is good. Raise boys to be gentlemen and girls to be ladies. Remember that as the patriarch you are the #1 guiding light in their lives if you can live up to that role. Avoid letting your children become too independent, it is not a virtue. A family is interdependent almost by definition.

What makes a good father is the same thing as what makes a good man. Integrity, courage, strength and mastery. You must always present yourself as someone to be admired; a possible future for your boys and a guide to good men for your girls.

I count myself lucky to have been raised by wonderful parents. Even the black sheep amongst our siblings would die rather than shame our father or mother. Here we had the benefit of a culture that has still not be torn to pieces by the encroachment of liberal nonsense, but I do see fine young men and women being raised in the west so it is certainly possible.

As far as ideology is concerned, establish the truth of your beliefs and defend its superiority and logic. Your blood should do the rest if God wills. As to your specific questions:

Homosexuality: I cannot account for my children's sexuality, but I can tell them what is right and why. If you have that invaluable answer to "Why?" then I think your result will be good even with gay children.

Drug abuse: Beating.

Anti-social behavior: Beating

Adopting a value system contrary to your own: Previously discussed.

Dating an idiot: I would try to make sure I wasn't wrong. Then again, my children would not date.

Dating outside of their race: I'll interpret that as marrying outside their race. Interracial marriage seems to stabilize at a low percentage. I do not have any real objection other than I would appreciate grandchildren of my own race.

Mental illness, or some physical deformity: Treat/help. Allow them to become as functional as possible.

Listening to Pink Frothy AIDS: Summarily execute.

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 04:08:02 PM
I heard a good way to dissuade daughters from dating boys you don't like is to essentially humiliate the boy in front of your daughter, subtly intimidate him, or just basically make him look bad.  It doesn't have to be super aggressive, either.  Let's say you're good at golf or basketball - you take your daughter and her boyfriend along and you whip him in whatever it is you do well.  Let's say he mumbles, or generally has weak verbal skills - give him a hard time about it in front of her.  It makes intuitive sense to me.

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 05:10:01 PM
Here is a subject about which I know absolutely nothing.
So I will spare you :)

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 05:19:46 PM
Jim, game and evopsych support what you've heard but I'd have qualms about emasculating a young man who just wants to poke some pussy. My attention would rather go towards my daughter. That's not to say that it would be totally hands-off, just that I don't feel it is right.

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 06:00:29 PM
There is a saying that to raise the child is like shaping bamboo while itís young, or something like that. With the right ingredients, the right environment, the right direction, the child will grow to do what is right.

The thing that complicates this is the time we live in.

Also, does guidance directly translate into discipline (beatings and emotional manipulation)? Better to deal with the root problem and bypass this method altogether.

Re: Fatherhood
August 31, 2012, 08:00:02 PM
Emotional manipulation I am not in favour of, but beatings are perfectly valid. There is no malice in corporal punishment administered by a parent. Children sometimes just don't understand and will attempt to subvert you if there is nothing behind the authority. Also, a couple of good whacks may make a kid cry for 10 minutes, but he'll be much happier than if he was grounded for a week. Why deprive your children when you can obtain a better effect with this extremely efficient tactic. I love my parents for not sparing punishment when I exceeded bounds. It makes you humble and instills an understanding of authority the way it actually works.

That said, it may not be right for every single child. Some may not respond to it at all. For them, other tactics are required but this shouldn't take away from the greatness of corporal punishment.

Re: Fatherhood
September 01, 2012, 11:27:52 AM
Besides a lot of what has been said, it seems that if you have a good head on your shoulders (which you seem to have), there isn't too much you can do wrong. Given the impact of genetics on your children, most of what you do is more observing and guiding rather than commanding or ordering, so take some solace in the understanding that parenting isn't as decisive in the way your children come out as you would like to think.

For the most part, it is common sense though.Offer advice, talk with your children, have open communication channels amongst members of your family and support them in their endeavors. If they deviate from what you consider to be good, offer some slightly more aggressive advice making sure to stress the logical repercussions, and if they persist in going in the wrong direction (assuming it isn't urgent or life-threatening like drug addiction or crime), let them err on their own terms and they will come back to you admitting that you told them so.

From my own experiences with my parents, I can't stress enough the part about talking with your children and spending wholesome time with them. Teach them some vital skill. Instill in them the values you yourself embody. Show them the value of abstract versus material/social meaning (ie. pride in one's work and character, humility and modesty, honesty, etc.). And for god's sake, never subject them to passive-aggressive remarks or behavior unless you want your children to grow up with contempt for most of their childhood. Instead, be gentle/tolerant and assertive/aggressive simultaneously. Tolerant insofar as you make sure to understand behavior that deviates slightly from your own views, but isn't necessarily "bad". Aggressive insofar as you radiate the utmost confidence that what you preach genuinely reflects reality.

Parenting experience is of course, invaluable. From there, you apply the general guidelines and your good intentions into practical behavior. If you're not dysfunctional yourself, you should be able to intuit the cause/effect relationships inherent to human communication and adapt/master this facet of existence. Over time, you find a healthy balance, but generally, if you're a functional family and good people, your kids will pick up on this and look up to you as examples. If not, then it was not meant to be in the first place.

Re: Fatherhood
September 03, 2012, 01:54:02 PM
While some of the sentiments in this thread could be valid, it's significantly less valuable when uninformed by modern science. Research some good books and studies on the topic(s you mentioned) - take it with a grain of salt. Eventually, everything is a matter of personal experience. Being well-read is only a disadvantage if you're not one to question what you read.

Re: Fatherhood
September 04, 2012, 09:48:41 AM
If there's only one reply in this thread to which you should pay attention, it is fallot's. He's dropping gems left and right. That being said, I suspect my own reactions to the following would be:

Homosexuality: A perversion. No trace of it will enter my house or my presence. No mention of it, no partners, no lisping, no hairy female armpits or legs, and no dildos. Aside from that, lust is one of the lesser sins, and as such, something to be dealt with by the sinner himself.

Drug abuse: Sloth (escapism) is a much greater sin. Any and all measures necessary to annihilate this behavior would be taken as needed.

Anti-social behavior: Depends on the specific behavior, and the context in which it occurs. Considering the state our culture is in, certain forms of rejection are healthy.
Adopting a value system contrary to your own: We would be at odds, conversationally. But so long as respectful and virtuous behavior was maintained, I don't think this would be an issue at all. Part of life is learning to interact in a civil manner with those who are different from yourself. I have a cousin who converted to Islam after wedding a negro, and now uses her Facebook account to post endless streams of vitriolic, profanity-laden diatribe against everything white, Christian, and American. This includes her own family - in fact, it largely focuses on it, since they respond. Naturally, this is not due to her adopting a contrary value system, but rather to her being a whore for attention. She is a horrible representative of her own professed values; it is not the values themselves that make her so distasteful, but her manner. Then again, perhaps conduct can be said to be a value in and of itself.

Dating an idiot: If it's my son, I would remind him of things I would have already told him beforehand. I would also show signs of disappointment, but not state explicit disapproval. He'd have to make the choice himself of either improving, or learning from his mistake. If it's my daughter, I'd get rid of the guy. Not hard. She'd "hate" me for a little bit, but girls bounce back easy despite making a big fuss initially.

Dating outside of their race: Don't care, if it's the same culture. If we're talking about a Mexican villager or an African immigrant, it depends. Does the outsider want to assimilate? Or do the two of them want to maintain their own cultural identities, separately? If the former, fine. If the latter, all ties would have to be severed - the child is lost anyway. Either their child joins our ways, or mine joins theirs. There's really no way in between if they want their marriage to be true.

Mental illness, or some physical deformity: Their life is going to be difficult enough without their own father making it worse. Agree with fallot.

Listening to Pink Frothy AIDS: Sodomize. Just give the kid what he wants.

Re: Fatherhood
September 04, 2012, 05:53:58 PM
I think an important thing to note is that a confluence of these issues can present unique challenges to the parent. For example, if your child had Trisomy-21 (Down's), absolutely loved Opeth and was gay, that would be a real parenting problem.

Now imagine if that child was a liberal.

Re: Fatherhood
September 05, 2012, 05:25:48 PM
It might be hard to directly connect the adult person as an end result of their childhood. As it often occurs that breaking away from perceived errors of the parents defines them more than anything. This is why I'm sceptical of a disciplinary approach that isn't mixed with equal parts of love and dedication; the inevitability of rebellion.

I say: Give knowledge instead of propaganda, encourage experience to develop knowledge, give what the body needs rather than what the mind thinks it wants and so on. In other words be firm yet gentle, otherwise you damage it.