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Messe des Morts II BM Festival: November 22-24, Montréal, QC

Facebook Page : http://www.facebook.com/events/354111158007803/

After a successful first year, the Messe des Morts Festival is back for a second edition of dark and hateful Black Metal. This second year will be even bigger, with 2 times as many international bands, a third day added to the fest and a bigger venue for the Friday and Saturday. Those who came last year are still talking about it, others will have the chance to experience it themselves in late November!!
We hope to see many of you on November 22, 23 and 24 for this second occult ceremony, held at the Katacombes (November 22) and Théâtre Plaza (November 23-24)!!

 The lineup :
Genèse (22 novembre) :
 (1635 St-Laurent)

- Darkspace (Switzerland, first North-American show ever!!)
 - Thantifaxath (Ontario)
 - Sortilegia (Ontario, first Montréal show)
 - Verglas (Québec)

Psaume I (23 novembre) :
 Théâtre Plaza
 (6505, rue Saint-Hubert)
- Revenge (Alberta, first Canadian show ever!!)
 - Seth (France, first North-American show ever!!)
 - Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult (Germany, first Canadian show ever!!)
 - Isvind (Norway, first North-American show ever!!)
 - Panzerfaust (Ontario)
 - Scum Sentinel (Québec)
 - Haeres (Québec)

Psaume II (24 novembre) :
 Théâtre Plaza
 (6505, rue Saint-Hubert)
- Ragnarok (Norway, first North-American show ever!!)
 - Black Witchery (USA, first Québec/Ontario show ever!!)
 - Mgla (Poland, first North-American show ever!!)
 - Neige Éternelle (Québec)
 - Sylvus (Ontario)
 - Mortuas (Québec)
 - Sarcomancy (USA, first Canadian show ever!!)


 ** 3-DAY PASS **
 85 $ CAN + fees
Only 150 passes available at
 http://www.sepulchralproductions.​com / info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com

** GENÈSE (pre-fest, 22 nov.) **
 20 $ CAN + fees
Online : http://​www.brownpapertickets.com/​event/272677
 http://www.sepulchralproductions.​com / info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com

** PSAUME I (23 nov.) **
 40 $ CAN + fees
Online : http://​www.brownpapertickets.com/​event/272682
 http://www.sepulchralproductions.​com / info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com

** PSAUME II (24 nov.) **
 40 $ CAN + fees
Online : http://​www.brownpapertickets.com/​event/272688
 http://www.sepulchralproductions.​com / info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com
Tickets will also be available shortly in stores from Montréal and Québec
- Genèse Single Tickets : 22 $ CA
 Each all included
- Psaume II Single Tickets : 43 $ CA
 Each all included
- 3-day passes : 89 $ CA
Each all included
Paypal (info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com)