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Hardcore as of recent

Hardcore as of recent
September 10, 2012, 02:07:44 PM
Does anyone else on this forum feel as though 2012 has been a good year in hardcore so far? Tragedy and Martyrdod's (for lack of an umlaut) summer releases showed greater maturity in writing and production with zero dilution of artistic intent. I don't expect any subsequent albums from these two bands that will surpass what they've achieved already; this is the peak of their creative output, their fruition. Victims' 2011 release, A Dissident wasn't as good, but it sounded heavily Carnage influenced, so I kept it. Deviated Instinct's (whom I had the honor of opening for a few months ago) Thorn In Your Flesh was fairly solid, a well rounded mix of savagery and elegance.

It seems like a lot of otherwise dormant punks are finally pulling their heads out of their asses and the people that never belonged are finally getting their act together and leaving it entirely. The DIY ethic is more alive than I've ever seen it here before. This year has graced my city with more activity from out of town bands than I can recall in recent memory. People are dropping the fashion punk, Leftover Crack, idiotic ethos of hairspray, drugs, and STDs and taking hardcore seriously and bettering it as a genre. It's been a great year to shatter my misconceptions about punk and hardcore and take an active role in a once again thriving scene without it being focused specifically around money, consumerism, false hipster elitism, social pretense, or misguided liberalism. I can only hope this continues to foster positive, creative environments where young people are encouraged and their talents are put to good use. Musicians are taking a much bigger initiative these days. I hope hardcore is further driven to purge itself of its politically correct, drugs/drinking culture, safe, liberal habits and produce high quality music.

Re: Hardcore as of recent
September 11, 2012, 02:34:14 PM
I didn't know Martyrdod had another album out. "In Extremis" and especially "Sekt" impressed me highly. They're one of the few punk/hardcore based bands that can actually create an atmosphere. I'll have to check it out. Never been into Victims or Tragedy. Never been a Deviated Instinct fan either, but that's cool that you got to open for them. Along the same lines, you think Antisect will put out an album, now that they're back together?

It's great to hear your scene is doing well man, but I don't think this is a universal trend (unfortunately). Hardcore/punk will always be mired in the populace because it is so easily relateable. It's also technically easy to play. Hence why it's a lot harder to make good hardcore than it is say, death metal. I think the original wave of bands in the 1980s/early 1990s said all there is to say. While bands like Martyrdod and Gehenna (US) are good, I find it interesting that in order to make hardcore that is actually listenable, they have to take influence from genres formed after it/because of it. Proof hardcore as an idea is dead, but there's still a few good groups. Black metal seems to be the genre of choice for some of these bands. Most do it really shitty.

This is how it's done properly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukaa7gLbMwQ