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Closet Townsend fanboy disgraces metal god

Closet Townsend fanboy disgraces metal god
September 18, 2012, 07:05:02 PM
Though this isn’t the first time that Dr. Mats E. Eriksson, Associate Professor of Paleontology at the Department of Geology at Sweden’s Lund University, has honoured heavy metal in his findings. An avid reader of metal website Braveworlds.com, back in 2006 he coined Kalloprion Kilmisteri, an extinct marine polychaete annelid worm now named after Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

Now, Eriksson has honoured another extinct species. A marine worm with some gnarly looking fangs, which will now, and forever, be known as ‘Kingnites diamondi’, of course name checking the great Danish heavy metal band King Diamond.


The smirking infidel from snowy liberal pigpen dares associate no less than two immortal heavy metal deities with EXTINCT WORMS. Fatwa engaged.

Re: Closet Townsend fanboy disgraces metal god
September 28, 2012, 11:26:32 AM
In recent developments, Death Metal Underground Ayatollah Vijay Prozak has confirmed the jurispudent validity of the fatwa in question, insisting on its 100% compliance with Shariah law.

Quote from: Prozak
"The texts are clear, an infidel is one who succumbs to solipsism and subverts reality to please his ego. When the individual commits this mockery publicly, he must recant or pay with his life, praise be to Allah (S.W.T)."

Asked if this decree was not just extremist gibery goo, Grand Ayatollah replied that only the death sentence is real.

When pressed to cite specific verses from Al-Qur'an which prove the guilt of the accused, Ayatollah Prozak only smiled.
Quote from: Grand Ayatollah Prozak
"I'm not here to educate illiterates but to show the way for those who may learn."