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October 26, 2012, 05:35:44 PM
Decameron: Blogspot, Mediafire, Rapidshare

One of the more interesting bands to come out of the whole Gothenburg "melodic" scene back in the mid '90s, Decameron honestly don't have much in common with that scene outside of surface-level aesthetics. I would compare their musical philosophy to the best of Dissection's first album, newer Deceased, Vektor, or Absu's Tara: complex stuff that takes a lot of unexpected turns and chances while straddling multiple generations of metal music. The mixture of styles coupled with their desire to write dense and intricate music (often at the expense of immediate clarity) threatens to pull the whole thing apart, but they generally manage to pull themselves out of the hole with their powers of heavy metal songwriting.

Decameron - My Shadow... (1996, Mediafire)