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Being and staying healthy in modern times

Re: Being and staying healthy in modern times
October 30, 2012, 05:15:45 PM
I'm glad to see a bunch of contributions to this thread.

When it comes to exercise, the important thing to keep in mind is only do what you can recover from. Start SLOW. Build up a generic base of health. It is said for pure noobies pedaling a stationary bicycle probably increases their bench press.

Run, lift, use body-weight, learn gymnastics, kettlebell, seduce farm animals. Just take it slow, and be disciplined. Before long you will realize that to improve your chosen form you will need to focus on the other aspects of recovery: not smoking, drinking, diet, sleep, etc. You will also hunger for knowledge in your chosen form.

The important thing is to do.

Also, suspending hot peppers in vinegar makes a fantastic low-sodium hot sauce for general use.

Re: Being and staying healthy in modern times
November 09, 2012, 05:37:29 PM
I started a new exercise of swimming underwater for as long as I can on one breath.

Re: Being and staying healthy in modern times
January 31, 2013, 09:48:31 PM
Most people know nothing of fitness. All it takes to be strong, big, and fit is 10 minutes of weightlifting a day. It will take months, but the difference is significant in only 3 months. The problem is that people don't know the rules of working out. These are my tips:
1. Before stepping into the gym or picking up some weights, you must reach a certain level of fitness. I'd say you must be able to to 30 pushups, 5 pullups, and 100 crunches. I think this is good baseline before you can really get good workouts done using weights.
2. Get a little overweight before beginning to workout. I'd say just about when you are just about chubby, start working out.
3. Eat constantly. Keep your stomach stuffed at all times.
4. Eat protein constantly. Do it with every meal. Eat as much meat as you can afford. This is a general rule.
5. Eat fat and cholesterol. Cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone and its consumption does not raise serum levels of cholesterol, but will raise testosterone. This is the most important way to raise testosterone.
6. Take protein powder. Choose one that is a whey isolate with all 4 BCAAs, all 23 essential amino acids, extra amino acids, and nothing else. Some have creatine and nitric oxide. Do not take these. Be certain that they don't have it. Take it first thing in the morning and before and after every workout.
7. Don't do what most meathead types do and measure your workouts by how much time you spent in the gym. Go alone, blast music on your headphones, and be done with your weight training within 15 minutes.
8. Don't workout a muscle again until it has completely recovered. This may take even as longs as a month for most first-timers(no joke). This is why most people fail I think. They try to get into workout routine suggested somewhere. You can not build your muscle until after it has recovered. Eventually your recovery time will become less than a day and you will be able to workout multiple times a day. To reiterate, if your muscles are sores, do not workout those muscles until they are no longer sore. Resist all temptation to or you will just be wasting time.
9. Have a loose routine. Some times you will take longer to recover than other times.  Have exercises planned for every day, but don't stick to it strictly.
10. Separate your body into 3 sections: legs, core, arms. Never workout more than one muscle from each sections in one day. Legs are calves and quads. Core is abs, obliques, lower back. Arms are biceps, triceps, shoulders. Your forearms train themselves with many workouts, so probably do not have to be worked out in isolation. You can do any combination from each section. This means that you will have 3 different routines to keep track of. They will not coincide(ie. quads and biceps day).
11. Ignore 3 if starting out or more advanced. Rule 3 is for after your break-in period but before reaching an acceptable level of fitness. If you are starting out, do exercises that workout many muscles. I very highly recommend pull-downs. Do wide-grip, standard-grip, and narrow-grip on alternating days. You can reach a good level of upper body strength by merely doing this exercise.
12. Do drop-sets. Find a weight where you can only manage to do 8 reps max and continue to drop the weight in order to maintain the maximum number of reps possible between 6 to 8.
13. End your workout when you reach an equilibrium where you have dropped weight to a point that you will always be able to do at least 6. You can keep going for serious muscle destruction, but after this point, working out takes a considerably longer.
14. Run after workouts in order to get your blood flowing. This aids heavily in muscle recovery. You will be much less sore later.
15. STRETCH before and after every set. This is very important. It aids in recovery and helps you retain flexibility after growing muscles. Stretch everyday throughout the day. If you have been immobile for more than hour, get up and stretch.
16. Working out your obliques is paramount to getting abs. Do dumbell side bends to get them defined.
17. Crunches only workout upper abs. Do workouts where you lift you legs to workout your lower abs.
18. Benching only works out your chest. I think pushups are far more effective at working out pecs.
19. Do plyometric workouts regularly. They are great at developing physical abilities and agility. They are also good cardio.
20. Do full iterations of each exercise. I.e. if you are curling, extend your arm all the way straight and curl all the way up to your chest. Do not do half reps. Do pullups all the way down and all the way up. Essentially, do not cheat. You will get stronger, get stronger faster, and it strengthens tendons.
21. Your legs are the base of your body and your quads are the biggest muscle in your body. You need to get your legs strong to be sturdy and balanced. The less mass you have below your center of gravity, the less balanced you will be. You do not want to be easy to knock down.
22. Do not do what most do and do all the different workouts for a particular muscle every session. Choose an exercise and stick with it until you master it. This means if it starts becoming easy and doesn't produce soreness. You will get gains much slower than before at this point. This is when you switch to a different workout. I.e. You've been doing one tricep workout twice a week for a month. This workout was very difficult at the beginning and now is fun and you are not sore an hour after leaving the gym. This means you need to do a different one.
23. Plan your diet so you do not need to take multivitamins. You should be able to get everything from food. If you want, you can take supplements. ZMA is supposed to be the one to take.
24. Make smoothies or juices daily. This is the only way you will eat the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables. Put kale, chard, berries, drupes, and fat sources like avocados and coconut oil, citrus, and whatever else you can find for cheap in your areas. The fat in the smoothie increases bio-availability of the nutrients and is also essential to health. Drink excessive amounts of this stuff and several times a day. I don't recommend using bananas as they make smoothies gooey.
25. Trim your nose hair to improve breathing.
26. Take no supplements other than vitamins and protein. These will make your body dependent on the supplements rather than adapting. This is bad for long-term health.
27. Get your blood tested before and after to see the improvement.
28. Sleeping is when your muscles recover most. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, especially if you are sore.
29. Don't use momentum in any workouts.
30. Do not skip workouts ever. You must develop a habit of going to the gym. I go everyday monday through friday without fail. I take weekends off. Find a routine that works for you.
31. Take at least one rest day every week.
32. Remember, much of this list does not pertain to advanced individuals. However, you will not be at that level until at least 6 months of regular training without interruption.

I just spontaneously wrote this, so there are probably glaring holes. This list sums up my thoughts on the matter and what I do. This is a very satisfying lifestyle. It will take up less time than most other activities you can do. It brings so much more happiness than video games. Men and women give you compliments on your physique all day, which makes life in society much easier. I read alot from bodybuilding.com to learn this stuff. I suggest you visit there, but I think I said most of the good stuff. Be aware that their main purpose is sell you drugs. I sugg4est you guys read up on the Anabolic Diet.