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November 05, 2012, 10:31:37 AM
Euthanausea: Mediafire, Blogspot, Rapidshare

Technically proficient and intricately structured death metal from the deep Finnish underground. They helped develop the melodic death metal genre contemporaneously with Sentenced, but provided a different slant to it with some odd dissonances and jazzy/progressive elements ala Unquestionable Presence. They actually end up sounding a lot like The Chasm's demo. Later on, they succumbed to the death'n'roll plague started in their homeland by Xysma, but their early demos are essential listening for those who enjoyed the Cartilage/Altar split or the sophomore albums from Sentenced and Atheist.

Euthanausea - Euthanausea (1992, Mediafire)

Euthanausea - Melodying (1993, Mediafire)