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Darkenhöld - Medieval Black Metal from France

Darkenhöld - Medieval Black Metal from France
August 20, 2011, 01:16:38 AM
DARKENHÖLD (French Medieval Black Metal) propose its first full-length album "Passage To The Towers" under Ancestrale Production (http://ancestraleproduction.free.fr/). The band expects to please the amateurs of old stones. The opus goes through ten chapters establishing a manifesto of a certain art forgotten in Black-Metal loan of melodious darkness and by dreamlike atmospheres. The opus was realized in the caves of studios Drudenhaus and Cox in Hell, whereas the artwork was chiselled in the workshop of Metalex.


DARKENHÖLD appears in a 4 way split split with AORLHAC, OSSUAIRE & YSENGRIN, to be released on december MMXI, coproduction between ANCESTRALE PROD (Fra), DE PROFUNDIS (Fra), and TILL YOU FUKKIN BLOOD (Pol).
Each band propose a new track and an original interlude.

The trailer of the french crusade can be heard here :


Re: Darkenhöld - Medieval Black Metal from France
September 10, 2012, 06:46:28 AM
Darkenhöld is about to release its second album "Echoes from the Stone Keeper" on Those Opposed Records.
You can listen to the trailer here :


DARKENHÖLD (Medieval Black Metal - France) has released its new album "Echoes From The Stone Keeper" under Those Opposed Records these days. The opus was mixed in the Cryptic Studio and the mastering was done by NKS (AORLHAC). It is available on the band page (http://www.facebook.com/Darkenhold).

Here is the track-listing :

Subterranean Corridor
Under The Sign Of Arcanum
Wyvern Solitude Chant
Echoes from the Stone Keeper
March of the Sylvan Beasts
Mesnie Hellequin
Chasm of Asylake
Nightfall and the Fire Doom
Castle Ruins Anthem

The covert art was realized by Claudine Vrac whereas the layout was done by Retrographix.

You can listen to "March Of The Sylvan Beasts" here :