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January 22, 2007, 07:09:29 AM

Sounds like a great topic; I'll be tuning in for the first time.

The guest speaker from last night's show seemed to be mostly correct as far as his interpretations of classical music, its theory, and its relation to metal is concerned.

I do have some comments, assuming that the topic creator was the show's host:

If you're the kind of person that learns best in the classroom setting, take an entry level music theory course while you're still in school. As you progress through the semester, I think you'll find that picking up on some of the basic vocabulary and methodology that governs music allows you to analyze (and appreciate) music more effectively.

Unless last night’s show was an aberration, you might want to investigate the causes of the technical difficulties that plagued your program (specifically: the low sound level and a frequently lost feed), as it places far too much demand and discouragement on the part of the listener.

I also lost my feed after about 3.5 minutes and couldn't reconnect.  I heard the guest making sense about theory in general, but also heard some snide comment about needing to be "insane" (or something similar) to listen to death metal.  Can someone give a synopsis?


I couldn't listen to this show, are there any summaries?


Re: Death by metal radio show 10 PM EST
February 11, 2007, 07:38:28 PM
I found it pretty enlightening, really.  

A point that I found interesting was his thoughts and reasons that Iron Maiden, and particularly Steve Harris, should take at least the same credit as Black Sabbath as the founders of metal. Doesn't seem a fan of Death (band) either ;).