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Can the world be changed?

Can the world be changed?
December 13, 2012, 07:14:24 PM
If you believe in a cyclical view of history whereby collapse is the result of a naturally occurring process then you will say it cannot be done (or perhaps that it is not the issue). You realize regeneration can only occur after degeneration and collapse.

Though I understand this viewpoint and find it perfectly credible, I worry about how long this collapse will last and what sort of damage might occur in the process, especially with regards to the environment and large scale disintegration of various interconnected eco-systems. Not to mention human civilization.

I don’t want to come across as too apocalyptic, but even a worst-case scenario could fit into the concept of ‘slow collapse’. Even a completely dead planet could eventually regenerate long after human existence.

Meanwhile it is currently not a physical impossibility to turn things around (assuming they were thrown off course). The only thing preventing this is the current system which is mirrored by the opinions of those who hold power. Irreversible damage also prevents this.

Re: Can the world be changed?
December 14, 2012, 11:35:37 AM
I believe in the cyclical rise/peak/collapse/rise/peak/collapse theory. The last couple centuries of Rome, to use a common example, were nearly, if not just as bleak as our current civilization, however our Kali-Yuga has been complicated by our technology.

I'm an optimist, as always the weak will fail and the strong will persevere, if not, than humanity will go extinct. It's a win-win. Obviously I prefer the former but its better than knowing my descendents will be living in this same type of shithole.