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Black Metal with Death Metal vocals

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beherit is an obvious one.

Not exactly black metal antiquity, but Void Meditation Cult have a beherit thing going on with their music that is most compelling as a whole.


I'm sorry but Gaahl's asphyxiating-duck screech is not used "to good effect". If you can deal with that then its probably just a matter of getting used to it. Were you alright with Death Metal vocals to start with?

Surely you haven't forgotten about Pest and Hate, fallot?  Gorgoroth didn't always suck ; )

Try Bethlehem, Varathron, and early Rotting Christ. Masterful NWOBHM with death metal vocals but considered black metal in canon.

For "traditional sounding" black metal, Hate Forest is all that really comes to mind.

Vocals are a superficial to the music as a whole. If you find yourself hung up on them, then perhaps the music just doesn't appeal to you.


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