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Bill White and Religion

Bill White and Religion
January 02, 2013, 08:27:19 AM
What would you call a guy who, in the middle of a game of sport of your choice, says: This is not real. These rules are all previous agreements between us. No one really wins or loses except in our minds. This game is a construct, it does not really exist. This is only a foul because we think it is and that is only allowed because we think it is; ?

An idiot, right? That's because we all know that the game is made up, but we're just playing it, so pointing this information out is equal or worse than having down's syndrome.

But what if this knowledge was lost? Bill White delivers an interesting version of truth and the United States. I'm aware he exposed similar ideas in his book Centuries of Revolution. I'm anxious to read it.

June 17, 2012

As you may know, since my first experience at the hands of the US government, I have been a very unwell person.

At the FCI-Beckley, and, later, at MCC-Chicago, I was given a pill – which you looked up for me – which the BOP calls an “allergy pill”, but is, as we discovered, an anti-depressant that can cause psychosis.

What this pill did was layer another set of images – dream images – over the images of nominal “waking” reality. Essentially, I experienced multiple realities at once, and began communicating with images in the “dream” who gave me information “reality” that I was later able to confirm as having a factual basis.

After my release, I continued to have terrible nightmares – nightmares that would continue into my waking life. I would often awaken, believing I was imminently going to be attacked. I often remained in these dream states for hours after gaining consciousness. As a result of the change in consciousness that occurred in the BOP, I was unable to function.

What I have discovered is that these nightmare images were really projections into my mind of the dreamscape of a demonic being. As I outline in my Centuries of Revolution, America has been created by cults dedicated to a demonic beast with three aspects. In Centuries, I don’t really address the theme of this being’s binding or sleeping in the earth, but I have discussed this elsewhere. Both America and the New World Order it has attempted are the product of this beast imposing its will upon reality – its dreaming. Its methodology is degradation – abuse of the outer forms so as to create inner transformation. My dreams are, or were, its thwarted desires. I had what it had desired – but it was clear that if I remained within its dream that I was doomed.

You see, Vishnu sits on the right hand of Brahma and Shiva on his left. Vishnu danced dharma into being, but in the Kali Yuga, dharma and karma are inactive. The substance of the world is maja and its changes are the dance. Kali and Shiva dance death – Time – into the world – Shiva’s serene dream shaping Kali’s moving form. Within this whirling maja are the demons, each of which shape their particular realm. Beneath the United States, a serpent lies dreaming. Its children – the Jews and reptiles and their cult – do its work. But the whole is but a figment of the monster’s imagination.

This world is the projection of the consciousness of “sleeping” gods onto the minds of us “dreamers” who reside within it. As such, the only rational act was to abandon my worldly possessions, detach, and leave the dreamworld. Rather than awaken, I decided to explore a bit more widely.

As I suspected, “reality” broke down as I approached the borders of the so-called United States. I do not truly believe that I physically travelled anywhere – the “physicality” of things is just a means of experiencing a change in psychic state. I got free of the mind of the evil being in Washington and, briefly, of all evil beings. I experienced a beautiful reality – like Plato’s philosopher seeing the sun. Clearly, my inner being is not yet strong enough, because the serpent drug me back. But the serpent does not hold me the way he did, and I can see that in its dreamlings, who lack the confidence and power they once had.

I am not William White because William White is an illusion. One could say he was created by the government to distract the people from the poverty and misery of a failed America, but, on a metaphysical level, he was dreamed into being by these demons for a purpose. No longer subject to this demonic dream, I can no longer be White.

- AKA “White”

Interesting variation here:

I'm not sure, but it seems abandoning this dreamworld means suicide, or at least a hermit life. Or a normal life devoid of all illusions of hope.

Re: Bill White and Religion
January 03, 2013, 08:49:57 AM
One may be either a God, or be manipulated by Gods.
One has the choice.