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Beithíoch - Summoning the Past (new release)


Beithíoch - Summoning the Past (new release)
January 13, 2013, 08:22:20 AM

Irish black metallers Beithíoch return with new mini album Summoning the Past.

Summoning the Past consists mostly of updated versions of old tracks, that until now never quite felt fully realised, and is intended to showcase how the band has matured stylistically since its early days playing raw ambient metal.

The full release (including bonus tracks - totalling 18 minutes extra playing time) can be bought for 2.50 euro on beithioch.bandcamp.com in a variety of formats, whilst the shortened version (no bonus tracks) can be downloaded as mp3 for free from hiarctow.com

The album's two bonus tracks are both never before heard cuts, and are available exclusively on the Beithíoch Bandcamp page.

Preview track: