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Messe des Morts II.V : Nargaroth/Mgla/Forteresse+, Montreal, March 9th, 2013

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/events/507139215997131/

Even though Messe des Morts II was a great sucess, many (including us!!) were disappointed by the fact that Mgla was prevented to enter Canada because of technical issues. We promised a make-up show, so there you go!
While we were at it, we figured we might as well contact the other two international acts that could not make it this past November for different reasons. Darkspace was unfortunately unable to attend, but Nargaroth accepted to come for this show, in what will be a first in 6 years in Québec/Canada for them, as well as an exclusive North-American performance!

Forteresse will also be back on stage for the first time since their European tour, as we had announced in December, and two other bands (who should be confirmed shortly) will start the evening.
So we'll see you on March 9th at the Théâtre Plaza, for another night of Unholy Black Metal!
The Lineup :
- Nargaroth (Germany, Exclusive North American Show!!)
 - Mgla (Poland, For the first time in North America!!)
 - Forteresse (Québec)
 - TBA
 - TBA

35 $ CAN + frais / fees = 38 $ CAN
Each all included
Paypal : info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com

For those of the Montréal area, tickets are now available in Freeson, Labyrinthe and Profusion in Montréal, and will be at the Pentagram in Québec early next week.

For those who prefer ordering online :


Or contact : info (AT) sepulchralproductions (DOT) com