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Zyklon-B Producitons

Zyklon-B Producitons
January 21, 2013, 09:14:55 AM
Everyone I've spoken to has told me it is basically a gamble to deal with that label/person. A simple google search will yield a lot of forum threads about Zyklon B Productions being a rip-off.

 Seeing that Legion of Doom's Summoning of Shadows was voted Best of 2012, can any of you admins who bought the cd tell me about your experience??? I'm dying to buy this album, god damn it.

Or anyone for that matter.

Thank you :)

Re: Zyklon-B Producitons
February 02, 2013, 01:49:06 PM
update: summoning of shadows came in the mail today. the only problem i came across with zyklon b productions was the communication...getting a response from the label takes awhile.

anyway, the album is truly awesome. so much sentiment lie in those riffs and what a voice the singer has... very ghastly sounding. it would have been nice if they printed their lyrics....but i suppose the candlelight from necromantion must be kept clandestine.