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Spiritual awareness in the thick of society


Spiritual awareness in the thick of society
January 30, 2013, 12:18:48 PM
Below is a conversation excerpt between myself and the Buddha. What do you think?

Transcix: The vast majority of people alive today exist in states of awareness founded on combinations of shame, guilt, fear or hate. I, on, the other hand, harbor none of these deeper emotions, but do often exhibit smaller surface emotions such as anger and disgust due to the utterly insane state of modern society. I would argue that it’s not a sign of mental health to be well-adjusted to an insane society. I’m confident as these surface emotions arise in the course of a day or a week that I’m impeccable in periodically purging them out through catharsis (laughter, sex, music, etc). I’m curious, do you believe my way of being will permit me to realize liberation and continue on in the astral universe upon my physical demise rather than being forced into reincarnation by stray, unintegrated desire?

Buddha: How can you be certain that some combination of shame, guilt fear, or hate does not still reside at the root of your being?

Transcix: I have scrutinized every facet of my being via recapitulation and have had a series of experiences of heightened awareness and clarity to confirm that all facets are present and accounted for, that none hide any others. Unfortunately the specific details of my experiences which, through the coldness of the most ruthless logic truly do offer me proof positive, cannot possibly be condensed sufficiently to be elaborated in any very persuasive sense to you here at the moment. Admittedly, in my experience, the world is full of charlatans and most people saying what I say would indeed harbor some combination of shame, guilt, fear or hate at the root of their being.

Buddha: Indeed, on the path to enlightenment many people believe they have realized true enlightenment when in fact they have only attained lesser levels of self-realization. In my experience, over time one cannot maintain their state of awareness on these levels unless they always continue trying to improve themselves, otherwise they will gravitate backwards, often without even knowing. Do you believe you are truly satisfied at the level of your attainment, and that you will not regress over time?

Transcix: Although self-control and stillness of mind are surely cornerstone aspects of my path, in speaking of my journey I was not necessarily referring to the path of “enlightenment”. I believe I have sufficiently emptied myself of all misconceptions and sufficiently integrated all my desire into a single-pointed will that there is nothing else that I could cultivate in this life to bring over into the next, except knowledge. Therefore I seek to remain in the thick of society to cultivate this knowledge, and considering the world’s utter degeneracy, perversity and corruption I often find myself unhappy, however I am at least content, and I am confident that I will not regress over time and lose my ticket to astral immortality as an individual agent of consciousness, as Transcix.

Buddha: Hmmmm. In my experience, although once one is truly enlightened still errant thoughts and emotions arise, and are simply not clung to or identified with and are allowed to pass, still in my experience as time goes by the frequency of errant thoughts and emotions decreases and deeper shades of peacefulness and clarity are experienced. To this extent, I would find it a departure from my nature to purposely entrench myself in a context that diminishes my well-being, my clarity of vision and my ability to offer compassion and help to others.

Awareness in the thick of society could be seen to be a form of madness.
Attaining awareness, one could reasonably be expected to make some use of it, and probably its most useful aspect is self-defense.

Society moves ever further away from awareness. This is the nature of society. It is the opposite of civilization, which strives, lemming-like, for awareness. Attaining awareness, however, for any civilization, is the point at which it turns from building to socializing, and its all downhill again, from there.

Should one be fortunate enough to attain awareness, one is well-advised to abandon any thought of helping, being compassionate-to, saving, or otherwise hanging-out-with, those myriad unaware ones, that comprise society.
Because one aware human is worth more than a billion sightless termites.

Protecting that awareness comes first.
Anything else is icing on the cake.
It is the awareness itself, that is the prize.
Not its dilution.

I think Buddha would have said, straight off the bat, "Who is this 'I', who is believed to harbor no such deeper emotions?".

There is no path to enlightenment; you are already enlightened.  That's the unkept secret that causes people to laugh upon its discovery ("realisation").

There it is :)