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In the Shadow Of Hermes - Documentary about Communism and Freemasonry


Interesting documentary, but hard to know how much of it is true...

It shows some of the hidden forces of freemasonry and others on the "revolution" in russia

the numbers certainly seem exaggerated by I can't really say

How much of it is true?
I was having a conversation about this question, just yesterday...
How would anyone know how much of anything was true, unless they were there for it, in person?
A responsible human needs two categories for knowledge: what is known to be true, and what is claimed as truth by others.
For myself, I accept nothing as truth unless I personally know it to be so.
Everything else is hearsay, propaganda, or lies.
And no, I didn't watch the documentary :)

Well, when we come across historical information we should consider the background of the person and then fact-check it with other sources. Of course this can also include lies but if it weren't like this there would be no history.

In the past, there were these things called teachers, leaders, and encyclopaedias, that were known to be trustworthy.
That, sadly, is no longer the case. Now we have people believing only what they choose to believe. What a mess.
This is wetiko: the place to which dishonesty leads.

If it doesn't mention The Jew, it's not true.

What a fool that man is, holding in esteem those who rephrase symptoms versus those who see the root of the matter.