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Christianity was created in 326 AD by Flavius Constantine

Christianity was created as a new religion to unite Constantine's empire. He got leaders from all the major religions in his empire and held a meeting where they decided what elements from the old religions were to be included in the new in order to create a new religion that everyone would be happy with. They replaced the names of the heroes of old legends and myths with the names of the imaginary characters that were to be invented for the new religion. Those that would not convert would be punished with death. This fact is know by the major churches around today.


Do I believe you?
It doesn't matter if I do, or if I don't. If it's true, it's true. If it's not, it's not.
It only makes a difference to me, if I believe it, or not. It makes no difference to the truth of it.

I tend to believe it. Not because I like the sound of it, or because I prefer to, but because it lines up with my own observations and experience of Christianity and Christians. Along with my own experience of life in general.

Christianity has all the hallmarks of a made-up story. Typically human stuff.
The most readily apparent thing about it is the overdone mysticism concerning probably impossible stuff.
Humans love to supply their own mystical content, being so often unable to perceive the actual mysticism that is already there. There is no need to provide it. That, really, is the whole point. Mystery. Mysteriously mystical.

This thing known as God is really only Reality. Too big to take in. Completely beyond control. Awesome. Frightening.
This makes so much more sense than an insecure old tyrant sitting on a cloud.
I worship life, and what lies beyond the sliver of life.
I submit, joyously, to Reality.