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80% Of Recent NYC High School Graduates Cannot Read


Nearly 80 percent of New York City high school graduates need to relearn basic skills before they can enter the City University’s community college system.

The number of kids behind the 8-ball is the highest in years, CBS 2′s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday.

When they graduated from city high schools, students in a special remedial program at the Borough of Manhattan Community College couldn’t make the grade.

They had to re-learn basic skills — reading, writing and math — first before they could begin college courses.

In sheer numbers it means that nearly 11,000 kids who got diplomas from city high schools needed remedial courses to re-learn the basics.


In its defense, the NYC Department of Education said it has raised high school graduation rates by 40 percent over the last seven years. And that the number of students needing remedial courses to do college work has declined slightly — by half a percentage point overall.


The students can't read? Too bad, at least 40% more kids are graduating. Isn't that great news? Just think of all the opportunities those kids are getting that they otherwise would have never had.


I amlsot cna't beielve it. Amlsot.

Maybe the kill-all-sub-120s movement should bump the requirement to live up a bit, if we've got so many people bringing the average down.

Graduation rates mean fucking nothing if the kids don't learn anything. I can't believe that pitiful excuse is used to defend this statistic.

Bloomberg needs to stop worrying about publicity and gun laws and actually start caring about a real issue, such as this.

Bloomberg is a busy reformer, with soda bans and headphone volume regulation, he hardly has time to touch on such low priority issues.