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March 24, 2013, 10:46:02 AM
Can you simply observe, without judging what you observe?
Can you simply report what you observe, without giving it spin?
Can you remove all context that is not your own, and rebuild your own context, through observation?

Like everyone else, you've been got-at. You have attitudes. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, although often it is.
People search for something they call 'truth', thinking it is something they can be told, by someone else.
But hearing it from someone else, it becomes suspect, because so often, it is.

Do you trust anyone? Do you even trust you?
You had better trust you, because anybody else is completely beyond your control.
Maybe you had better become trustworthy.

So when you know something about something, through observation and experience, you can trust yourself to know.
When you know enough about enough things, you can then extrapolate, with a high degree of accuracy.
Did you know you can see into the future?

The future is not so hard to see, when you stop hoping it will be something it couldn't possibly be.

Re: Squawk!
March 24, 2013, 01:29:48 PM
Easiest way to see the "future" is to watch what's happening now; the future won't happen any other time.

It's amusing how well people function without context, compared to how badly they function with it.  Ideology is a hindrance: people become too caught up in "what ifs" and "if onlys" to be able to reconcile their desires with "what is".  Even more so, notions of "self" are a hindrance: people become too caught up in "I ought blah" or "why me" to be able to act appropriately in a situation.

The one which always gets me is the line that goes something like "yeah, I can be a bit of a dick sometimes".  Why?  Why are you doing that to yourself and others?  It's the thought alone that legitimises itself.  There is nothing fundamentally "bad", "evil", or "dickish" in the world, but for humans believing that they are such and subsequently acting out those beliefs.  Karma's only a bitch if you sew shitty seeds; if attitude precedes action, then fix your attitude before complaining about how you're crap (usually done in a manner which suggests that it's not only permissible, but even expected of one to be crap.  Kali Yuga, eh?  What will those crazy iron age people get up to next?).