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The Establishment.

The Establishment.
March 24, 2013, 12:48:33 PM
I wonder, sometimes, what certain left-leaning people are referring to when they rail against 'The Establishment'.
Do they mean that state-of-things that existed before they, and those like them, started destroying it, piece by piece, some time ago?
For The Establishment, such as it was, has not existed for quite a while, now. It has become nothing like it once was, and is now only recognizable as a non-functional, directionless, hopeless behemoth that fails and fails and fails.

We started out as savages. Which was fine, back then, since nobody had anything to compare that to.
But now we do have something to compare it to. And in most cases, what we attained, within the living memory of anyone older than - say - forty, was demonstrably superior to savagery.

Dentists, doctors, ambulances, houses, pubs, safety, long life expectancy. Schools, religions, Titanics that often crossed oceans without actually sinking...
Pretty good, really, wouldn't you say?

It is a mystery to me, that when you think a thing that is your entire life-support system, could be improved upon, that you don't devise some plan to get you by in the interim period, before you set about destroying it completely.

Nobody, really, can point to the way things currently are, and the way things are 'run', and call it The Establishment.
That has gone for good.

We're just too clever.