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Separating the real humans from the zombies (DeathMetal.org)

Lots of opinions on the internet. Apply real-world initiative, cooperation, and planning and things will get done. Dealing with one another anonymously and through limited media will/has cause problems. Ever had a job? Were you successful? Apply/consider those same principles that caused things to get done, good or not.

Simple: some/many disagree here. If you haven't learned it by now, this is "Prozak's" site, always has been. Understandable - most, if not all of the work has been done by this one person (maybe you could say a few), and compiled herein (ANUS, Deathmetal, Corrupt, whatever). Obviously this person likes sharing this with others, or enjoys the sense of control/influence/socializing that it creates. Most people enjoy this sort of thing.

If you contribute wholeheartedly, you will be doing so to fulfill the desires of the leader here, which will change (as they have already) multiple times. Nothing necessarily wrong with this - nearly everyone else here would probably do the same thing if they had a similar hobby, and get frustrated with people who are nothing more than onlookers (forum-users) laying claim to their work and space.

There are better things to do than criticize, though sometimes it can be helpful. You are better off doing other things  than criticizing something you ultimately do not plan to contribute to, unless you are constructive and specific. You probably have other things you could do that would be more productive and real: cook, go to the gym, take a hike, read a book, reflect, go on a date, listen to metal, go to a concert, and so on.


Did they leave? Were they abandoned? Perhaps they are disillusioned? I have no doubt some feel betrayed by the new direction of the site. However, as I mentioned earlier I know for a fact that a small minority of those people who left did so with good will, neither deprecating you, nor acting as detractors....they simply disagreed with you.

Do you speak for this group? That authorizes me to speak in turn; otherwise, you're hitting a man when he can't respond, and that makes you a dickhead who needs to be removed.

Let's look at your words and only your words, since you have made these public, not I.

You affirm however, that these people did leave and stop contributing because something they disagreed with happened. In other words, they wanted total control, and when they couldn't have it, they bolted for the hills.

Is that what you're saying?

Have we deprecated these people, or acted as detractors?

What exactly is their complaint? (You mentioned "disillusioned." This doesn't happen without a complaint.)

How does someone feel "betrayed" (your words, again) by the new direction of the site?

Is there actually a new direction?

Did they wait to see what that direction was?

Now that you've opened this can of worms, tell us everything.

Masturbation (in moderation) promotes good prostate health.

This is a really important observation we shouldn't lose sight of. How many times aday is moderation?

Given the direction this thread is taking, I feel compelled to write the following as essentially a neutral third party:

I wrote for Amerika for a short period, but ultimately stopped because I didn't feel my material was up to the standards of the site and thus I didn't want to drag it down. During my time there, I was essentially given complete autonomy. I could write about whatever I wanted. Criticism was always constructive, and the people there were always direct, honest, and polite. Furthermore, it was assumed that complete agreement would never be a reality, so content was not reviewed to make sure it fit completely in line with some ideology. In no way is Brett a control freak or egomaniac. If you are competent and not an asshole, you can basically contribute as you see fit, which is far more generous than pretty much any other organization on the net.

My experience has essentially been the same with helping to "keep" the audiofile. Even in times when I was flaky or temporarily retarded, the worst I ever got from anybody was indifference.

With regard to the change in this site specifically, I would present the following. The old website had an incomplete version of the Dark Legions archive, was focused mostly on the history of death metal, and did a lot of "lost gem" reviews, etc. The new version has the complete Dark Legions archive and has a front page dedicated to news and original content, including interviews. It seems quite clear that the new approach is more likely to be effective in drawing in people to the relevant content.

I don't know anything about the internal bickering going on, but I know, based on the character of the individuals involved in running these sites, that it takes quite a lot to get under their skin. Given that there is a looming impression of a drastic need to purge this place, I can only assume that some serious bullshit has been happening.

I don't know if I'm considered a defective or not, given some of my previous behavior, but if I'm deemed so I can only conclude the following:
1) I'm a grade A asshole
2) I need to do some serious introspection

I don't consider the people running this place perfect. But they certainly aren't incompetent, backstabbing, or dishonest. They know what they're doing. I can't imagine how they put up with all the negativity. They are certainly better men than I.

Ah. A sane and reasonable man. Nice one :)

JewishPhysics: I remember your articles being good. It's hard to feel confident around writers like Crow and Ted Swanson -- tell me about it. They're good. But surely the sheer amount of late-night turds I publish should make you more confident.

Thanks to both you and Annihilation for some sanity.

I bear no ill-will toward the former team; I know what needs to be done, however, to reach the state of power from which we can accomplish our goals.

To that end, I've removed all politics from the site. They are obvious, and not really political. At this point, the essentialism I speak of isn't left, right, political or even social. It's just rabid realism.

If any of the former team are discontented, please email me. The address has not changed. I hold no grudges, schadenfreudes or other ill-will.

Masturbation (in moderation) promotes good prostate health.

This is a really important observation we shouldn't lose sight of. How many times aday is moderation?

About 20.

But seriously, once a week is enough. Too much of it and we all know what happens.

Bypass self. Go straight for EWE.

I thought the new site was great. Do you honestly know any other metal site that rivals it? The constant interviews, mini-reviews, and other short articles create a momentum and this forms into a dynamic environment that can continue to grow. It is truly great work! and I also discovered lots of interesting new music because of it.

The new site is turning into a better resource for all four of us who even know about it. Such a waste.

The music has to come through too, otherwise its just some irrelevant nostalgia to most people. Can't really expect much success if there isn't anything much to talk about or report that's interesting, unless you totally sell out or something. It's a great site.

We're trying to keep it relevant and interesting, injecting our views into the mainstream and gaining power while doing so. We have some upcoming coverage that should make that clear.

What would really help would be people who could handle the production of 1-3 articles per day so that I could work on /bands. That's the only real limiting factor here: time.

I think many people didn't want to deal with the time commitment of actually making a change, and so haven't wanted us to take this step. It's a big one. But the fact is, it's how you change the world. So we're doing it.

Growth and hopefully victory. It would go a lot faster if we had more people contributing.