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Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?

Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
March 26, 2013, 08:41:04 AM
I've been a little underwhelmed with what I've tried from the metal pool this year, but I haven't tried nearly everything that the DLA has posted. What releases are your favorites so far and what would you recommend spending time with? I've really enjoyed the new Centurian album and obviously the new MBV album but that's about it so far. Highly anticipating some new releases in April/May, but until then I'm wondering if I've missed something.

Re: Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
March 29, 2013, 08:31:42 AM
Astute observation, OP. Just thumbing through my music - I'm noticing I have ZERO albums from 2013.

What have people encountered so far that has been of interest? It's been quiet on my end.

Re: Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
March 29, 2013, 03:24:30 PM
2013 has been pretty quiet compared to 2012. Most of the new CDs/albums I've bought have been reissues of older stuff. Some dude just put out some nice CD versions of the first three Kawir albums, if you're into quality Hellenic black metal of the old school. Drakkar is in the midst of reissuing the LLN back catalog. His Mütiilation CDs sound way better than the Dark Adversary versions that made the rounds a few years back. Season of Mist is also in the midst of a reissue frenzy. They just put out Septic Flesh's debut (with their first EP as bonus tracks), and they're currently preparing the Ildjarn discography for a proper resurrection.

I've been listening to Sulphur Aeon for the past month or so. It's some decidedly un-Swedish death metal that sounds a bit like Formulas-era Morbid Angel swallowing Anthems-era Emperor, but without the keyboards. I like how a morbid bit of melody always seems to seep through despite the chaos. It reminds me a bit of the debut albums from Dismember and Incantation, in spirit rather than in style. If I'm still listening to it a month or so from now, I'll probably buy the CD and maybe a shirt because the cover (done by the guy who painted Disma's debut) is pretty cool.

Summoning's got a new one coming, so I've been watching their page like a hawk. I'm pretty excited about the possibility of a new Nokturnal Mortum album; if you haven't been paying attention to them, they've transformed from a folky neoclassical symphonic black metal band into an excellent progressive rock band with some black metal remnants. New Crypticus should be cool, given the quality level of their last Halloween EP. Rob Darken appears to be adhering to his manic release schedule, as he's got a full-length due out soon. He just released an old unheard Lord Wind demo on a split CD with his contemporaneous dark ambient project Mysterial. It all sounds a bit more like the quieter moments of the second Veles album rather than any of the recent Lord Wind stuff.

Re: Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
March 30, 2013, 04:06:35 AM
First impressions/Bets on;

Imprecation - From beyond the fiery temples
Satan - Life sentence
Birth A.D. - I blame you
Summoning - Old Mornings dawn
A Transylvanian funeral - Gorgos Goethia
Morgengrau - Extrensic pathway
My Bloody Valentine - M B V

Re: Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
March 30, 2013, 03:24:59 PM
Check out Sacriphyx's The Western Front. Relatively new and incredibly unique band from Australia playing somewhere in between the old school Greek style and Grand Belial's Key.

They have have also done a split with DLA favourites Resuscitator although their best material is from the 2009 split they did with StarGazer. I haven't heard the new album as of yet but based on their previous output I think it will easily be one of the years best.

Re: Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
April 01, 2013, 05:37:21 PM
I'm looking forward to the new Summoning and am curious about that Burzum synth album.

At any rate, it takes me a while to really get around to hearing new stuff unless I'm already fanatical about that band.

But as always I'm keeping my eyes peeled for long overdue albums by Gorguts, Kraftwerk, Beherit, Demoncy and anyone else that never dropped the ball.

Re: Best metal releases of 2013 thus far?
April 04, 2013, 12:34:36 PM
Forgot to mention that new Supuration album. It's a great follow-up to their early '90s masterpiece. How's that Incubation album that came in the middle?