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Some Of My Favorite Bands I Have Found This Year (Thus Far)

Find #1: Xanthochroid

Xanthochroid is an American (Californian) symphonic black metal band who relies on folk influences as well as musical motifs to give their late 2012 release of the full length "Blessed He With Boils" a unique black metal experience for those more geared towards the technical side of the extreme music subgenre. They also have tons of great cover videos on their youtube channel including an impecable folk cover of Wintersun (DAMN the drummer can play the flute and sing, PIPES!). They certainly are a unique music group, and young as hell to boot. They are definately the Opeth of modern black metal.


Quick album rating: 9.8/10

Find #2: Dawn Of Dementia

Dawn of Dementia is another extremely young band, this time attempting technical death metal. While they aren't reinventing the genre, Dawn Of Dementia's bassist has to be one of the most competent ones currently active in metal. He plays very crisply and cleanly with excellent tone, his 6-string bass material includes some very cool jazz and neoclassical aspects. It sure can get lost in its own technicality, but this band is brutal and has some very versatile music due to its supreme rhythm section. Make sure to check out the epic bass riffing at the 2:08 minute mark. Their E.P. Risiduum came out in the fall of 2012 and it definitely made it on my top 5 list for technical death metal albums


Quick album rating: 8.5/10

Find #3: The Odious

This band is hard to pin down subgenre wise, they are out of Portland, Oregon and are also extremely young. They tend to create really crazy progressive death metal riffing heavy on groove and having riffs enacting styles of multiple genres at once. They released an LP the 18th of last december entitled "Joint Ventures." Its rare for me to give a fuck about lyrics, but the vocalist is a lyrical genius. The album has tracks ranging from just under one minute (mimicing Death-Grind stylistically) to progressive pieces up to just over 10 minute conceptual progressive death metal songs. These guys might not spark your interest in just one song, the album is a must buy though, it will have something to tickle your pickle. This is my favorite song off the album, its very progressive, agressive and has some WILD hooks (the clean vocalist sounds like layne stanley of alice and chains... wut? ).


Quick album rating: 9.5/10

Find #4: Pomegranate Tiger

Weird name, I know, trust me. Not to sound hipster, but these guys' fan page increased its likes 10X after i began following them. This instrumental prog group is not unlike Scale the Summit or Animals as Leaders, and centers around Windsor guitarist Martin Andres (in my eyes, he just blows his contemporaries out of the water). Just goes to show how tight music can get with proper training. This band, however is not a clinic in songwriting, just in raw talent, so at times riffs are played to death, and transitions could be more seamless. But, like i said, this is a clinic in raw talent.


Quick Album Rating: 8/10

I realize these bands aren't strictly speaking "Death Metal." They do however fit the extreme metal envelope, and thus I hope I can find like-minded people who will enjoy these bands. Thanks <3

Pomegranate Tiger is the only one of these I have even passing familiarity with, due to being linked material by an acquaintance. Unfortunately, I have to say it is quite intolerable wankery. The comparison with Animals as Leaders is apt, which is similarly execrable. This is music utterly devoid of spirit, purpose or meaning. If this stuff is only of value in the instrumental prowess of its members then it is akin to a circus act, and the circus is a lot more entertaining. I will listen to the others, welcome to the forum.

"They are definately the Pink Frothy AIDS of modern black metal."

That sentence ensures I will never, ever, check that band out.