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Please recommend something that 'sounds like' this:

Hi. It's a passage in Neuraxis "The Apex".

I'm taken by that melody 1:45 to 2:20, with the major & minor triads, and triplet tremolo picking.  It's got a majestic/heroic feel which is a nice change of pace from dark/chromatic shit.

Can anyone point me towards something to give a similar vibe?  THANKS

Okay... Intestine Baalism is going in the right direction.  Thank you.
It reminds me of Sacramentum "Cries from a Restless Soul":

Any other suggestions?

Sentenced's "Desert by Night" is one of their best and most overlooked tracks. It's my personal favorite piece of music written by them, and I think it carries the same sort of atmosphere as that Neuraxis song. The middle part (2:45-ish to like 3:30, if I remember correctly) where they reinterpret one of the lead guitar lines from earlier in the song is really interesting. It's like a death metal version of Manuel Göttsching's Inventions for Electric Guitar.