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I am not dissing Atheist, but i think other bands are being overlooked because of Paterrsons death. Bands such as Martyr, Gorguts, Nile, Necrophagist and probably alot more that i am not aware of are completely ignored despite their intriguing characteristics of their material.
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Personally, necro-faggots music doesn't lead me anywhere. Atheist, on the other hand, does. Necrophagist comes across as simply pretnetious (among other things).

endless discution, i think the point of this post is to realize (for people who wants to start a band, or people who just want to "enjoy" music) that "being" tech its not an objetive in music, but more like a "tool" or resource to create a more "rich composition". anyway like the guy of gorguts say "you dont have to be hypertechnical to create good music" if that were the case then black metal, punk, thrash, etc etc, is the bigest shit on music.


--- Quote ---aren't death's later albums emo influenced metalcore ?
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Ha very well put, couldn't of said it better myself!  I used to be into progressive metal quite a bit because the blending of different genres was something exciting and new.  But I've come to find that a lot of it (progressive metal) is too soulless and full of way too much unneeded wankery.

Death metal however, in it's classic sense of the word (most of the bands on ANUS), easily holds up to the technicality of the more progressive bands.  It's just more direct and in your fucking face.  Which is a good thing.  

And comparing Atheist to Necrophagist... is just well, a bad comparison.  Musically speaking, I think the majority of people on this forum would agree with which of the two is considered timeless (Although elements sucked, IMO).

On Feb. 7, 2007, 2:57 am, Markus wrote:
"..Dimebag..could still hold his own against many, even if his music was useless."

So you're callin' Pantera's music "useless", huh? My first metal album was Far Beyond Driven. So what if they're a mainstream band? They sure did introduce me to more underground bands later on.
Compared to run of the mill death metal bands that try too hard to sound technical and just end up being boring and anal-retentive, this album just have that primal element missing in a lot of metal albums these days. A lot of people who dismiss Pantera have not listened to it. Maybe because it made the bandmembers twice richer for it was their most top selling record.
Listen to that album, sonny, songs like "Strength Beyond Strength" and "Becoming" are achievements that not even Incantation's Onward to Golgotha or even Slayer is unable to duplicate. Crap like Reinventing the Steel is understandable for its lack of quality and Vulgar Display of Power for its simplistic approach and lyrical stupidity but FBD is what made Dimebag a fucking genius.
Besides those who claim to listen to the more technical and underground shit like Morbid Angel and Deicide are probably fucking pussies in real life and who seek to possess power by listening to songs about power, to obviously compensate for their impotence and lack of power in real life. That's what the real meaning of elitist, pathetic snob truly is.  


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