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July 13, 2013, 09:23:37 AM
Hipsters use "unique" as a compliment, and hippies use it as a reason why each person is important.

It's neither. You don't want a unique hammer, for example, and yet hammers are important. You want some things to be purely functional.

But when it comes to communications -- writings, music, art -- you would expect them not to cluster together, or what you have isn't art, but a circle-jerk repeating the same stuff over and over.

Propaganda would cluster more like that.


This research uses spectral analysis to compare songs. Basically, at what times are they at roughly the same frequencies.

I'd love to run the same thing for metal, first on riffs, and next on songs.

I imagine there's a huge cluster with the "standard speed metal song" from the 1980s front and center. And after that, the standard death metal trudge-jump song. And now, the "chaotic" math-core, metalcore, deathcore, indie, shoegaze, etc. song that ends up in the exact same place as everything else after doing some random stuff at the beginning.

Something to think about if any of you need research topics.

Re: Uniqueness
July 20, 2013, 12:46:21 PM
Unique is of uncertain value but improved, although never unique, is at least a step up from what came prior. People value uniqueness so much now because they have come to realize their own inability to exceed the quality of something already established. So instead they drop out of the struggle for something better and settle on the often crappy, but hey it's always different. The uniques often like to describe themselves as progressive.