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New from Ankou Awaits, "Wyllt" (Black Plague Records)

Ankou Awaits - Wyllt
Track listing:

I. With Sword in Hand
II. The Blackened Faced Warrior
III. Heading Down the Path to Destiny
IV. With Madness in His Eyes
V. Among the Waste of War
VI. Along with His Sanity

This is the 3rd full length release from the Deathened Black Metal project, Ankou Awaits.  43 minutes of blistering metal which can only be described as a marriage of the most heinous and emotional black metal with the most gut wrenching and maniacal death metal.  Released on Black Plague Records.

There are two full tracks from the album on YouTube:

You can listen to two minute samples of each song (as well as the previous releases) at:

Wyllt is available for digital download at iTunes, AmazonMP3 and other places for $5 and some change.  The price depends on which place you buy it from.  If you have a Rhapsody account, you can download the album for free.  If you don't, you can sign up for a free trial and stream the whole album if you want to check it out before you buy a disc of it.  The CDs are being pressed and will be available March 30th 2013, but you can pre-order the albums (and order the other in stock CDs from previous releases) for $10 and that includes shipping worldwide.

Here's the link for digital downloads and CDs:

If anyone wants to help spread the word about this album, or review the album on the Encyclopedia Metallum, Spirit of Metal, on their own site, etc. I'm not above giving away music to do so.  Please contact me at thomas at ankouawaits dot com.  Any questions, concerns or comments can be sent there as well.

Thank you for your time,

Ankou Awaits "Wyllt" CDs and digital downloads are now available!

Also, Ankou Awaits T-Shirts are now available one again and can now be pre-ordered!
Sizes available from Small to X-Large for $9 plus shipping
For 2XL shirts, please click here as they are available for $11.75 plus shipping.
Please go to http://www.ankouawaits.com/merchandise.htm to place an order!

The Ankou Awaits interview with Forbidden Magazine is published!  Please click the link here to read about Wyllt, my songwriting and other questions answered!
With Sleepwalker of Forbidden Magazine about Wyllt and the Ankou Awaits project ~ April 12th 2013

Review of Wyllt at blackmetalreviews.com

If you like your Black Metal Ďby-the-numbersí, then donít approach this.
Itís complete fucking madness from start to finish, boasting some of the most
incongruous song structures known to man or beast. This is one strange journey
and it can become a difficult one at times but I think itís refreshing to find
something so genuinely odd in todayís dot-to-dot musical landscape.
Love it or hate it, Ankou Awaits will certainly make an impression on you.
And thatís what we need; to be moved.

555/666 ~ Black Metal Reviews
Review of Wyllt @ blackmetalreviews.com

Review of Wyllt coming soon from Lords of Metal and Forbidden Magazine as well!