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Any recommendations...?

Any recommendations...?
April 16, 2013, 02:44:37 PM
The ''IVth crusade'' and especially ''...For victory'' are among my favorites. I was wondering if anyone at the forum could recommend a similar heavy metal band. People refer immediatly to Carcass, Napalm death and the range of gut-spilling sounds I praise also. Though I want to hear something new in the essence of how ''...For Victory'' sounds like. It holds this sense of grandeur if that should describe what I hear. Sounds epic but muscular, beautifully  and simply structured in what I like to call the egyptian minor scales.

I asked my local metal shop and was disapointed to have been pointed to bands not close to that sound and concept we find in bolt Thrower

If anyone heard this album and understand where I am going, would you happen to know anything alike?