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Azoic - Icelandic Black- Death Metal free album download!

This is some terrifying Icelandic Black/Death Metal hybrid. For fans of Gorguts, DSO and Ulcerate.

You can download their debut album ''GATEWAYS'' for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l3zazic2kiolf5c

Piss out.

An album reviewer says it all.
”The Revolution ends by devouring its own children” – Jacques Mallet du Pan, 1793

''worth the purchase'' irony is phun.

Seriously this album has been downloaded over 2000 times for free.

If each copy was sold at 15 $ that would make up some 30.000 $

Just wanted to point this out because I've been reading A LOT about how the music industry is changing and we don't know where it's heading.

Still, give these guys a share or two like their facebook profile or somtin.