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Azoic - Icelandic Black- Death Metal free album download!

This is some terrifying Icelandic Black/Death Metal hybrid. For fans of Gorguts, DSO and Ulcerate.

You can download their debut album ''GATEWAYS'' for free here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?l3zazic2kiolf5c

Piss out.

An album reviewer says it all.

''worth the purchase'' irony is phun.

Seriously this album has been downloaded over 2000 times for free.

If each copy was sold at 15 $ that would make up some 30.000 $

Just wanted to point this out because I've been reading A LOT about how the music industry is changing and we don't know where it's heading.

Still, give these guys a share or two like their facebook profile or somtin.