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Quantum life.

Quantum life.
April 21, 2013, 10:22:59 PM
Leftists see so little value in life that they prefer to become artificial life.
They have dispensed with God, along with anything that gives life meaning or purpose.
Unable to see anything but themselves in human form, all they see is humans.
As if nothing else existed, or had any value.

They are a virus on the earth, engulfing every living thing, and sucking the life from it.

I am a quantum particle:
I wear a body, but I am not that body.
I have a mind, but I am not that mind.
I am a quantum particle.
Infinitely small. Infinitely powerful. Infinite.
I am this way, because I must be. All living things know it, and gather to me.
Only the non-living - the artificial - do not.

I will fight those non-living artificials for as long as my body endures, because life is battle.
This is good and right. The cosmos is a violent and relentless place. It is what it is.
I am a protector of all living things, as all living things protect me.
Life is the vessel of unlimited potential. It is all and everything.

Like all quantum particles, I am this, I am that, and everything else too, in every state, at any time.
That is what I am.

What are you?


Re: Quantum life.
April 21, 2013, 10:41:53 PM
I see myself as smaller, and therefore bigger. To exist, not as a human but as consciousness (currently in human form), the universe is like gravity to me, it pulls me down, and I must rise up. This is what the universe wants its children to do,  just as I as a warrior always seek challenge, to be challenged, to be pushed like I push the universe. On the left hand path I walk affirmation towards seeking the light is affirmation that I'm not already the light and is a poor way to pursue spiritual growth, rather seek always to move towards the darkness, seek always to do that which is the natural way of light, to shine.

Unfortunately in this day and age people either want to coddle me in fluffiness or they are repelled by me and avoid me. People can't seem to handle real challenge.

Re: Quantum life.
April 21, 2013, 10:59:21 PM
Can you handle real challenge?
Like overcoming an immense ego and accomplishing something useful?
Of course, you'd need to have some idea of what ego is, along with what useful might mean.
Have you accomplished anything of real value in your life?
Of course, you'd need to first establish what constitutes value.


Re: Quantum life.
April 21, 2013, 11:04:01 PM
Ha, it's true, I've spent copious amounts of time defining such concepts!

Re: Quantum life.
April 21, 2013, 11:15:35 PM
There may be better uses for your time.
You know you're on the right track when people start calling you a magician.
I once planted a lawn in Lafayette, Ca. after installing a sprinkler system for a doctor.
The grass was pushing through in twenty minutes.
The look on his face was memorable.