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What's in it for me???


Re: What's in it for me???
April 27, 2013, 03:51:23 PM
Must one not have intentions, consciously or unconsciously? Similarly one has desires always, but one can choose to actively pursue them, or simply let them be. If one's intentions are not all aligned, are they not contradictory? People want all sorts of things, and they can't possibly have *all* of it. The human being isn't superman, it has to specialize towards certain specific ends, and if it's not deliberate then it's haphazard (unless one gives their person up by faith to a higher power to direct them).

Re: What's in it for me???
April 27, 2013, 05:59:14 PM
I'm gonna make you famous. At least indirectly.
Nobody but you and I will ever know that I ever made you famous, but we will know. As cosmically annoying as you have been, in my eyes, it was you who finally gave me the information I now have, as to why whole chunks of Western society are as they are.
You will be pleased to know that the reason things are as they are, is not your fault, or their fault. It is the result of a wholly understandable set of unfortunate circumstances, over which none of you had any control.
Some of us dealt with it with stoic courage, and got on with life.
While others were not able to do that, and settled for another, easier, but far more damaging route.
The secret is no longer a secret, if it ever was a secret.
The mystery is no longer a mystery.
By and by, all will be explained.


Re: What's in it for me???
April 27, 2013, 10:12:43 PM
Your allegories are well-crafted and I do respect that talent, they give me ideas to improve my own style. But substance-wise it's so difficult to discuss the most nuanced things with the most bulky illustrations.

I do not cling to any notion of 'control', nor do I fear any notion of 'lack of control'. As you so rightly put it, these are merely concepts, separate from and obstructing towards the living of reality. One is never without desire, but one does not always need to fight against existential gridlock and try to manifest their will in sovereign opposition to their very own self in attempt to think outside of an illusionary box. Enlightened, there is no longer any disconnect or delay between desire and action. Desire merely follows intention, however, and intention this minute cannot possibly be separate from your intention the next minute, hour or day, it cannot possibly be separate from your overall paradigm, your overall framework of priorities. When you're enlightened there is no "will" because you simply do as you do, your intention flows naturally into action, but before enlightenment your intention is tangled in self-contradictory knots and you are forced to take stands for and against yourself. Personal gain cannot confuse a person, only misunderstanding personal gain and obsessing over it can. And who is to "blame" for such confusion? Who is to "blame" when a stone becomes lodged in a machine's gears, messing up the works? Things happen, and one's inner mechanic must be most dynamic indeed. We don't choose how and when we make mistakes, but we do respond to them.

And yes, before you say it, one is not to always judge what is and isn't a mistake, everything is and isn't a mistake; the point is that there is an actual process underlying it all, a seamless, incremental, organic, living process, not some perennial blank slate that assumes to be simultaneously everything and nothing in utter emo-esque defiance of both the canvas and the painter that would nullify its own absence of substance.

Re: What's in it for me???
April 27, 2013, 10:49:46 PM
You know: I have no idea what you are talking about.
But I'll make this observation...

Your questions are never asked with answers in mind.
If an answer is given, it leads only to more questions.
No matter how many answers are given, they only prompt more questions.
There is an exponential quality to this.

You are not alone in this.
The internet and its forums are full of this very phenomenon.
And finally I discover why this is, and what is happening:
Your reality is the inside of your own head.

I am a rare beast, I realize.
I inhabit actual reality, and spend almost no time inside my head.
Thus my world is exceedingly different from the worlds many others inhabit.
Which, I suppose, is why I write what I write, describing it, and what it is like.

I shouldn't need to do this, after all, reality is available to everyone.
Yet so many have withdrawn from it, so completely, that it is like a foreign land.
A fantastic place that is so unlike the inside of a brain that people disbelieve my accounts.
This has long been a difficult thing for me to understand.

We would not be facing societal extinction, if people could remember there was an outside.
I describe it, in the hope that some, at least, will rediscover it.
And plant a tree, build a boat, roof a house, and experience a dawn.
Tend to Eden and share its life.