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Writers and music wanted for a new website

Howdy. I have recently developed a new website that is intended to be a promotional platform for Metal bands of any caliber (as long as there's a decent record out). The site is at this location: http://monochromatized.tk . Therefore I am looking for people who would be interested in contributing with articles, interviews and/or album/gig reviews. There's no particular preference in regards to geographic location, so if you want to write about your local scene, that's perfectly fine. If you are organizing your own gigs, and want to write publications in support of those, plus add images of your gig posters to your publications, that's no problem. Either way, get in touch by using the Contact form that's on the site, or email me at info[at]monochromatized.tk . If you yourself aren't interested in writing, but happen to know someone who possibly would, please let them know.

Bands, feel free contact me by emailing me your tunes at the aforementioned email address, and I will give it a listen.