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OUT NOW: Orationem - Your Presence and Strength (October 2016)

Its here folks!  The fourth full length Orationem album is now available to order!
7 tracks, 48:22 running time.  This was supposed to be limit 50 copies, but the pressing plant sent me extras! so...  Limit 75!
These CDs are $8 plus shipping.

This is some very intense, raw and harsh black metal with violin/cello symphonic attacks.  The lyrics once again do not compromise, and are full on prayers to God and his Son, Jesus Christ.

You can place an order, read the lyrics, listen to samples, view information about the album at

You can also preview this album from this YouTube video.

This is a Vision of God Records release and they will also have have copies available at: http://www.visionofgodrecords.com

Since most of you knew I not only recorded this while fighting cancer, but also while being sick from chemotherapy.  I'd like to share the lyrics from the first track, which I hold close to my heart...

I. To Turn This Ailment

Oh great Healer and Protector
Jesus Christ in heaven
Please carry me through
this path of pain

For a long time
I have suffered
with sickness and discomfort

Cancer has taken from me
quality of life
forcing me to rely on others
for a year

I know there is a reason
I have survived
I know there is a reason
that I am going through this

I continue to pray
for relief of my symptoms
For the knowledge of Your will
and that one day
I will be able to turn this ailment
into strength

Thank you everyone that places an order.  Everyone that gets a CD, I'll be more than happy to send you MP3s of the album while you wait for it to be delivered - IF YOU ASK FOR IT!  Also, if you're not interested in a CD but a high quality digital release, for this forum, if you PayPal $4 to thomas@ankouawaits.com, I'll email you a direct download to 320KBs tagged MP3s ASAP.

Any questions?  Please let me know!

Thanks again, and God Bless,

I had a goal set for myself to get the new "Your Presence and Strength" album uploaded to YouTube by Christmas.
Goal complete.  ;)

Here's the lyric videos playlist for the entire "Your Presence and Strength" album.

A few announcements.  Since there's a limited pressing of this album which will eventually run out, and Vision of God Records is going to do a special pro-press of the self-titled and Fulfiller (ON ONE CD!), whichever happens first, I will stop selling Orationem merch (CDs and shirts) from the dot com, most likely sometime in 2017.  This will be the first step towards the newer music, which will be individual songs/prayers on YouTube.