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Selling small BM collection

Selling small BM collection
August 25, 2008, 10:54:59 PM
So years ago I used to be into Black Metal. Most of my cds were purchased for me by an old ex and well now I'm fed up with them taking my shelf space from my EBM and industrial collections so I'm looking to sell them. I also have several cassette tapes as well but what I have available is listed below:

CD (All cds are in played condition)
-Infernal War "Terrorfront"
-Honor/Graveland "Raiders of Revenge"
-Honor "Stal Zemsty"
-Mezzerschmitt "Weltherrschaft"
-Gontyna Kry "Welowie"
-Gontyna Kry "Welowie" cd demo
-Gontyna Kry "Starozytna Aryiska Sila"
-Gontyna Kry "Sciezka Zapomnianch Prawd"
-Old Funeral "The Older Ones"
-Archandria "Zimowy Brzast Zwyciestwa"
-Arkona/Wewelsburg "Last Bastion of the North"
-Drudkh "Forgotten Legends"
-Gontyna Kry "Krew Naszych Ojcow"
-Warhead "Aran Nations Rebirth"
-Sieg "Der Weg Zum Polarstern"
-Proscriptor "The Venus Bellona"

-Wewelsburg "the Antiarchitect"
-Swarost "Triumf Panteonu Aryjskiech Bogow"
-Perunwit/Kraina Bez Wiatru split demo
-Sieg/Na Rasputje split
-Na Rasputja '03 demo
-Gontyna Kry "Pusty Wieczor"
-Gontyna Kry "Na Pohybel Chrzescijanstwu"
-Gontyna Kry "Krew Naszych Ojcow"
-Abs Conditus "Noc Dlugich Nozy"
-Antisemitex "Laser Holocaust"
-Drudkh "Autumn Aurora"
-Aryan Terrorism "War"
-Kristalnacht "Warspirit"
-Infernal War "Infernal War'

Please send me a PM or email if interested in any of what is listed, I also have a long sleeve Honor shirt up for grabs in memory of the lead who died. Please send an offer with your interest.

Re: Selling small BM collection
December 27, 2016, 10:45:42 PM
Hello mate

Do you still have "-Gontyna Kry "Pusty Wieczor" tape for sale?

Thank you

Re: Selling small BM collection
December 28, 2016, 09:02:22 PM
Blimey. That is some forum necromansy.