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Study shows domestication, safety creates moron population

And by fitting them with a special micro-chip that emitted electromagnetic signals, scientists could track how much the mice moved around and quantify their exploratory behavior.

"Over time, the animals therefore increasingly differed in their realm of experience and behavior," said Kempermann. Over the course of three months, they developed very different personalities.

Researchers found that the brains of the most explorative mice were building more new neurons -- a process known as neurogenesis -- in the hippocampus, the center for learning and memory, than the animals that were more passive.

Control mice kept in a less enriching environment showed less brain growth.


This is indisputably congruent with similar studies about excessive civilizing, the very aim of liberal democratic capitalism, causing its own utter ruin due to design flaw. See also Idiocracy, the movie.

It's hardly rocket-science, but you'd think it was, judging by the way it takes teams of expensive experts years and years to discover.
You experience life first-hand, and experience the consequences of that first-hand life, then you are going to be a lot smarter, faster, stronger, and more resilient than someone who lives in a bathtub reading books.

Go climb a fuckin' tree, and maybe fall out of it a few times.
Then, after healing yourself, over time, in a lot of pain, and without any medical help, enjoy your new-found uber-ness.
Climb that fuckin' tree again, only this time, do it right.

The most promising people we produce at any given time by nature are starved for taking part in risky greatness. Instead, they get stuck with social safety nets and traffic lights along with all the other equals.

"most desired job in history" 78,000 Apply for Private Mars Colony Project In 2 Weeks


Didn't used to be like that. Danger and risk was omnipresent.
You should have seen the house I was raised in, in my early years.
The stuff of horror movies.
I learned to pay attention!