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Did Australian Aborigines know the connection between sex and childbirth?


"But some cultures including, allegedly, Australian aborigines never got the picture. One writer says that as late as the 1960s "the Tully River Blacks of north Queensland believed that a woman got pregnant because she had been sitting over a fire on which she had roasted a fish given to her by the prospective father."

Whatever may be said for the Tully River crowd, aborigine ignorance is probably exaggerated. It's true most Aussie natives don't think intercourse is particularly important in making babies. They think pregnancy results from a "spirit child" immigrating into the womb from a "spirit center." On the other hand, the aborigines recognize that intercourse somehow paves the way for the spirit child's arrival. They just don't think it's essential. Considering the state of sexual knowledge among some Westerners, e.g., my brother ("Whaddaya mean she's pregnant? We only did it once!"), I wouldn't be too hard on the aborigines."


"The australoids of Australia are also the only known culture to not have discovered the correlation between sex and childbirth."

I can't find any other info about this.

If it's true, my mind is blown.

Interesting that the further a culture moves from monogamy, the more separated sex and childbirth become. What's the need to know the connection if the village of women raises all of the children? Sex is for pleasure, children just happen. Only in an atomized liberal society, post sexual revolution, particularly with blacks in the ghetto, there is no village to raise the bastard children of unknown alphamale seeds, maybe a grandma if they're lucky.

It amazes me that - to my knowledge - I never became a father.
I guess some people are just not fertile.