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How Silvester Anfang Happened

How Silvester Anfang Happened
February 14, 2007, 03:49:12 PM
Conrad Schnitzler on Euronymous.

Release Date:   --  [ 2/12/2007 ]

Hello Warren Schofield,

MAYHEM ahahah,OYSTEIN AARSETH phuu bad thing.
OK,here's my story about it all.
It was a hot summerday in Berlin in my attic flat,my wife and I had decided not to open for any visitors'Let's take our own time, don't let anybody disturb us'.
So stoned we lay in the shadow of the attic,when the doorbell rang. Of course we didn't open the door we played 'we're not at home'. After an hour more ringing,nobody in.Each following hour more ringing. We got upset. I went to the door and faced a longhaired person,I didn't know,through the doorspy. Night came,the person still in front of the door,now and then a ringing. In the morning no more ringing, the person slept deeply at the door.I stormed out shouting, he remained totally cool and friendly, looking like a punker same outfit metalchains and bracelets with rivets.
I should explain in between,that more than once freaks had slept there. It was warm and clean.But for us it was unpleasant to trip over sleeping persons and I must confess I chased them away quite rude.
That exactly I intended to do.But his remarkable friendliness and reasonable arguments,that he wanted to visit me ,me the great artist C S , let me calm down.I invited him in,breakfast,shower ,dinner and drinks.
Afterwards we talked about my work.He told me about his band. But I couldn't really get an imagination about the kind of music. I just was working on videos for a room installation. 4 Videos with music playing put at different places in the room, endless repetition.He liked the idea,
and I wondered that a punk could like that. We said 'goodbye' as friends.
Now and then I recieved postcards with kind regards of him.
Once on a winterday I got a card with the request of him to
contribute a short piece for an LP his band wanted to publish.
I took the first piece that just lay on my desk in the studio.
It was SILVESTER day.I wrapped it,brought it to the post office, therefore 'SILVESTER ANFANG'.
Later I got the Maxi LP from him.
Unfortunately I didn't know before about the music style of the band. Otherwise I had chosen a much more ruder piece from my works. In this way a too soft piece of music is on that LP. I'll regret for ever.
Years later I enjoyed the money,I've got,we had never spoken of it.
Later on I had no more personal contact with OYSTEIN AARSETH.
Then further on I heard about his pass away and the circumstances. I'm still depressed when I think about it.
MAYHEM never again asked for another piece of work,pity.
But for circling this story just a short note.Yesterday I got an e-mail of BJÍRN HATTERUD from Norway(address under this text).I send him some rubbish of my old works.I hope he'll be lucky with it.

That's the story of CON , OYSTEIN AARSET , MAYHEM, Noway and maybe over forever.
I hope I could help to answer your questions.
So long CON

Thanks to Warren Schofield for permission to reprint this.



Re: How Silvester Anfang Happened
February 17, 2007, 04:58:28 AM
what a heart warming story.. :) silvester anfang happens to be my favorite BM track of all time!  :D