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Birth A.D. - I Blame You

Birth A.D. - I Blame You
June 21, 2013, 08:21:15 AM
I've just popped the full length album in the audiofile for those interested.

It's basically like the EP but longer and more punch to it. I like the way they're criticizing other thrash bands as well as society.

We won't write any songs about thrash
Or put it on a shirt for some easy cash
We'll never tell you to get in the pit
Just do what you like, we don't give a shit

Re: Birth A.D. - I Blame You
June 22, 2013, 08:56:03 PM
I wish they cut out the 911 calls, the police talk, and that super lame phone call from the girlfriend everything that was not music, it didn't add anything to the music.  In other words if you have the EP your not missing much

Re: Birth A.D. - I Blame You
June 26, 2013, 07:42:29 PM
Thrash wouldn't be thrash without "Mad Man" and "Gone Too Long" (cf. Kraftwerk "The Telephone Call").

Re: Birth A.D. - I Blame You
June 30, 2013, 07:21:32 PM
Something about the mix of the album rubs me the wrong way compared to the EP. I can't put my finger on it. I think it feels more on the punkier side of thrash than "Stillbirth..." does. Songs that I liked before don't have as much punch anymore, and the new songs feel like throwaways. Its a shame because I love 80's thrash, and liked the promise that the EP showed to take Thrash in a new direction, mixing death metal riffs with punk sensibilities.