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Sarcofago EP + Oldschool Metal Maniac #6 + distro


The next, sixth edition of Oldschool Metal Maniac Magazine is closing in! This time we will have some thing special in our 132 pages stron, filled with 100% oldschool metal - 10 pages, exclusive interview with the God of Brazillian metal scene - Wagner "Antichrist" Lamounier! This will be one of the first interviews he gave since 18 years. Apart from that our unholy bible of metal will be jammpacked with titanic icons of metal. Check out this list of interviews: ATTOMICA, AURA NOIR, ASPHYX, MORGOTH, GRAVE DESECRATOR, SISTER SIN, INCANTATION, IMMOLATION, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, OVERKILL, DARKTHRONE, BLOOD FEAST, G.O.T.H., HELLBRINGER, CHAKAL, NECRONOMICON, VAMPYR, NOCTURNUS, TRIPTYKON, BUNKER66, AT WAR, SPEEDWOLF, DEATHSTRIKE / MASTER, MYSTIFIER. As usuall there will be some Polish touches - interviews with  Siersciu from 4SZMERY and OPEN FIRE, and UNBORN. As ussuall we will our pages filled with many reviews, an article about Canadian SLAUGHTER and their legendary opus - Strappado and a wast report on modern Brazillian scene. Order your copy HERE

Breaking news from Thrashing Madness!! The CD re-edition of the debut from the cult band ATTOMICA is finally available!! This re-edition hold not only the original masterpiece but is enhanced with the previously unpublished 1986's demo: Children's Assasin. This release has 12 pages thick booklet with some previously unpublished photos, it's printed on glossy paper, foil finish + obi. Check out our distro here

First album of Heavy Metal band VooDoo. After 26 years re-realeased at CD. Next to classic tracks, on this strictly limited CDs you will find never released pearls: "Chcą Tylko Żyć". This is track from 1987. The CD is enhanced with 3 videoclips: "Czas Voo Doo", "Metalmania" and "Maszyn Wrzask"! Check out our distro  here