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mating preferences among races

mating preferences among races
June 23, 2013, 05:55:38 AM
We all know the stereotype that black men like women with more meat on their bones

This is a somewhat dark theory that has been haunting me about the meaning of this stereotype
If your goal is to mate with as many women as possible, body takes priority over face. The body must be fertile because you will be in and out of there quick & you want your seeds to pull of impregnation from that one time
If you're going to have high investment in a few offspring with one woman face is the most important trait. You will spend lots of time having sex so it doesn't matter if the pregnancy takes the first time.
Black women have very fertile bodies, but more masculine faces. Asian women have tiny boyish bodies but feminine faces.
If you are hardwired for certain kind of mating, that changes everything.

However there could be other factors contributing to black men having less focus on face and being more indiscriminate, such as poverty. If you don't have wealth, you try to have more offspring with as many people as you can.